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A poem (and tale) of the fallen (plant leaves).
Written for Jadis' prompt on the forum's Poetry Tag game. I liked how this one came out, and thought I would post it here, too.
Some poems I wrote inspired from the massive amounts of snow that have consumed the area where I live. Hope you enjoy.
Poem about Mother Nature. I'm no poet but, I hope you enjoy.
Telling of an experience of relaxing outside on a cool Summer day. (Note: this passage will/may be altered over time). (More experiences may or may not be add; for the time being this shall be labeled 'complete', unless said other wise). Enjoy.
Seasons in change
Here is a poem I wrote.
A little poem I wiped up enjoy& comment honestly
A very short poem about winter.
This is a poem I did for a class and I decided to redo it and put it up.
this is a random creative writing story we had to write for english class. i added a couple of the lines my friends Bo and Sonmin wrote in there. its actually really bad but i find it funny, in a not so funny way. =3