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[font="Mona]Generating these insights has been the exclusive domain of data experts, data scientists, and analysts. However, the importance of data democratization and empowering business decision-makers with access to valuable data is becoming apparent. [/font]
Integrated Data Management Services
Story for Remembrance Day Contest....
Gay & Bisexual people do not necessarily raise gay children, so let them adopt without judgment!
first of my exercises im relaeasin today to the general public
I love you with all my aching heart... <3
This is a journal entry about something in my life so have fun reading.8D
For my English Coursework, we had to write an original piece. This is mine. It got an A*, or 17/18. I shouldn't gloat, but I'm so proud, I worked really hard... On this...
sad story just think if this happend to ur loved one
Just a little something about my miserable life.
This is a story about the adventures of everyone's favorite guy, Chuck Norris (who is also the most powerful thing in the Universe). This is just for fun, basically. Also, this took me about, ohhhh, 10 minutes to make. Enjoy! (Note: Contains Chuck Norris
well, this is just a very short story for the Bath Literature Festival, but sadly i missed the deadline for the competition.
its very short because it had to be less than 1500 words.
i had no idea what catagory to put it i put it in men...