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Displaying 1-9 of 9 results. I admit that I am a bit of a Midvalley and Dominique lover. This is a poem written from Mid's point of view
Mild shounen-ai. One-shot. Knives x Vash. "Shameless, and yet so very proud..."
a poem about vash it's has a pic with called vash't tears witch i'm going to add soon i hope you like it
Kopo is my character for Trigun, she hears vash is song (first vers) and it gets stuck in her head, soon anough she makes up her own song, and it talks about her
This is an action romantic comedy (or atleast it's supposed to be) about Trigun. It has Vash (of course) and a new person you will meet sooner or later (hopefully more sooner than later). This is my first fanfic so be gentle. ^_^
Okay, this is basically a cheezy love story about Tiffa and Vash. I wrote this fanfiction with different characters from many different shows and or games, and dont have time to list them all, so if you think you know where one of the characters come
Hi.. um.. this is my first EVER Trigun fanfiction! =D It's based on a dream I had a while back.. but it was me instead of meryl.. lol. But hey, no one knows who "Ruby" is.. so yea.. *I don't know if the whole angel thing is a spoiler.. but w.e* *Woul
This is basically a fun story of Trigun attending my and cloudy's school, which is a Vocational school ^_^.