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MT play a vital role in NBA 2K24. Players can earn these NBA 2K24 MTs by completing challenges, earning achievements, and other in-game activities.
Love Success Katyayani Mantra, Maa Durga has nine forms in the Hindu religion.
She dreams
My RP chericters
An epic poem in part
Krissy and Alex are two of mine and my friends many characters... this poem is simply a small scene between them...
Biographies of my other OCs whom don't belong to any set anime, story, ect.
One day a girl finds a injured white wolf and brings him home to help him only to find out hes more then just a wolf.
this story was inspired by an elf pic that i put up here along with my love of magic and adventure so hope you will enjoy this preview^^
The story of a girl who one night stops a boy from being beaten up and suddenly her world is spiralling out of control. Strange powers, talking werewolves and dragons, bad food and romance are all found within these pages.
Um, it's a little crossover thing of two of my stories. : D
Uh, my RP Character info
Yes, there is a necessity for it now, I have SO MANY Harras, Damons, Sophies, Canis’ Celestials, the list goes on, it is NOW TIME to sort them all out ONCE and for ALL.
~Angelic Sinner~
A vampire-romance novel filled with slapstick comedy. 
This story is about a teenage girl who is warped into a world of people who can change into a certain animal. She learns that this world is in danger due to undeparted human souls and is faced with many trials and conflicts in order to help them.
This story is about a war between good and evil in a land very much like Tokien's lotr.
A semi-normal teen named Crysta Aile finds out she is not so normal after all...
This is the story of how Marinia and Koji really met...the first paragraph is the first of another story, {The tale of Marinia} which isnt posted yet, i place it here to explain something that happens later in this story.
In this story, 2 worms get pooped out at once, and live.  But lots of other things happen before that to make it more ineresting!
a story about a man named Murtagh, who wants to get revenge on the people who destroyed his family. im bad at summaries, cause im not sure whats gonna happen next. anyways, comment please.
juz read it and find out im still new at this so plz dont be to harsh on how bad it is
This is my second novel and the third in the Lone Wolf/ Red Dragon Series. The second in the series was written by my friend. Anywho, in this story a few people die, new friendships are formed, new loves discovered, and new enemies arise.
These stories are about ghosts. They're in dutch, maybe I'll write them in english to. But then people have to ask for it. ENJOY!!!