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i tried to write this story before but it went funny so here goes
this is my first story about the lion king where kiara and kovu have had a son called thara but zira is back and wants revenge who will die who will live who will fight
who will be king
This is the Lion King 3.
I do not take credit for the real characters I use in the story. Only the ones I made up.
The first lion king movie but its in nalas point of view I hope you all like it!:D
Zira never really drowned...
This is about my TLK charries!
I know this goes completely against my nature, but I'm gonna write a story that dosen't have Roxas:( *sobs*, Riku and Kairi.
This is based from the beginning - to the end, of The Lion King.(including when Sora comes to the pride lands)
This is my Lion King 3 hope you like it
Kovu and Kiara's daughter Kimya and the adventures she has.  I wrote this ages ago.
Half Lion half Hyena Timia faces exile and it doesn't help when your grandparents get in the way, can Timia become one