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I do not own the story. I just made some changes to it. Anyway, this is about Kuro''s life; past, present, and future (sorry of my spelling). Please R&R. No critisism (again sorry for my spelling).
Okay, this is like the other one, but different. This has my OC in it and couple of sentences are changed. Comments would be grateful, please!^^ Thank you!^^
This is a story about Nagase and I'm still thinking for the rest of the story.
Luffy once had a friend in his old village but she had to move to another village. What happens when she comes back?trouble or love? Does she fall for one of the Straw hat pirates? READ TO FIND OUT!!
They're back,but Ruby has a secret that she's keeping from everyone.How will this affect her relationship with Zolo and her friends?+_+
Luffy mets an awesome cat like pirate who decides to help Luffy find One Piece but what happens when Luffy starts to find out secrets of her past? Will Luffy keep falling for her? Or will he fall to his death?