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An old friend of Sam comes to visit, and strange things begin to happen. Vampires, werewolves, and ghostboys, oh my!
It is my oc and darkblaze06's oc. plz enjoy!!!
This story is about a girl who moves to town and some events lead one to another leading to a surprise ending(I hope).
Ok, this is my DP OC's Story, please, if you're going to read it, don't bash, it's been a while since I've been one, I know, but I'm on DA more then FAC, so I'm sorry to anyone of my friends ^^;
This a stroy Where I plan to Do the Impossible...
I'm gonna make 3 Couples in one story!
It can go either way... That's What's Exciting and I don't mean As Yaoi or Yuri I mean any Couple.
When a new student Comes to Dannys school He becomes Danny Friend, but when he goes into Dannys parents lab he sees a green bottle thinking it was soda he drunk it, but it was ectoplasm and thats when he became Devon Phantom!
This is a fic about a few of my buddies from DA. In this fic you will see how uhm how should i put it,,,,,,,,, intense a simple game of Truth or Dare can be with these different personalities.
As you all should know Rose and DP me are well Mine!!
Requested by my friend Kratosgirl14. Sam Masters is the new student that moved in from Wisconsin. After transfering to Casper High, weird things start to happen to her, and it even starts affects Danny!
2 years ago in Ammiity Ville, Mike Robin was cursed with ghostly abilities in a fatal accident that changed his life forever. 2 years later, He's back for revenge, and he's not letting anyone in his way!