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Aww... how cute ^^

This bunny hit me some time ago and I finally decided to post it up!
ok. I have no idea. saw a poem, though of a Hilson one. typed it, and now here it is.
if u think Kutner should've quit the previous episode and not kill himself, u might wanna read this. Kudley. don't flame.
Hilson. House X Wilson. first Yaoi story on here.

weird and random Kudley oneshot that i thought of while listening to My Hallelujah Song by Julianne Hough. Kutner shows Thirteen the advantages of life with the help of a Julianne Hough song. songfic. read, comment, fave maybe, but don't flame
My flagship fan char gets involved in House.

This series will be more racy than my other stuff. If it's popular enough, I'll keep it going.

What to look for: mild sexual themes, mild swearing.
A small one shot story.
Some bits are a bit off character in parts but meh. -shrugs-
Hope you like it :)

Set vaguely after the episodes 'Euphoria 1 and 2'