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This is my version of the story, after the last episode - I've thout up a few more , but all in good time
Nova becomes pregnant for some reason.Once she got at that point,she starts seeing images of herself in the future.But Skeleton king has something to do with her and the baby.So they steal her from the team.
Here's a story i did to go with the pic enjoy :)
You remember chapter 3 from Chiro's Lucky day that it had a crossover with Star Wars

Well now I give you the story of what happened when the team left to defend Shugazoom city against the Galactic Empire
Ebony the 7th purple monkey. She was defective and separated from the rest, but she was fixed a week later. She uses her ability to morph to get from planet to planet. Along the way, she meets the hyper force.
Darien was trained by The Evil Ones from childhood to be a heartless killer but when he is assigned to kill an innocent baby he will have to decide where his heart truly lies: the side of good or the side of evil.
Idea adopted from Netbug009. The Citadel of Bone gets Osteoperosis. Crackfic... obviously.
Chiro and the Hyper Force are trapped on a new planet. The monkeys were kidnapped and Chiro can only save them by winning a race. Can Chiro survive this dangerous race? And can he save the monkeys?
It's the story of my oc's Super NOva and Xander. Xander is eight monthes old monkey.
a new friend with our heroes but can they trust him
yo y mi pasion por antauri
Chiro wakes up and is sick, but will not listen to the monkey team, they say for him to rest and stay in bed. What will happen to chiro? Read and find out.