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Chris came home for a vacation and has been thrown a Welcome Home party which gets him thinking about what he's been doing. Will he change his mind about joining the B.S.A.A.? Will you even find out?
A little something based on 'Daydreamer' by Ian McEwan that we had to write in english at school. I'm not sure how it ended up as a fanfic, but still...^-^ [Oneshot]
They were all happy they had got away from Raccoon City. They were happy to start a new life, away from Umbrella, and the T Virus. But then...


Authors note: " and ' will come up as a square box
... will come up as &
A quick Hunk/Nicholai peice for Mechpencil becasue she's been so egerly waiting the arrivle of my official present for her.
Very mushy and sweet.
A songfic to: In case you forgot I love you by Arethra Franklen (Squee**)
well its the last story i will upload till i get better, i'm pretty sure my other user name should be deleted so this should be readable enjoy
title says it all i wont be updating for a while because i'm feeling under the weather i want to get better, i cant sleep, eat and my arm keeps hurting lol
This fan fiction deals with an in-depth story of Leon S. Kennedy and his life during the aftermath of his nightmare in Raccoon City until he is on a mission to locate the President's daughter.