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SoKai short story. :)
Roxas is just finding out about Axel''''s band. They''re both highschoolers from toronto,Canada that can''t confess their love to each other.
Hayner's sister comes to live with them.
She's his twin and her name is Haylen which means 'Love Finder' to their mom.While she's there will she find love for to people?
A one-shot. KeybladeShipping (AlscexSora). For Swampertgirl0504.
This is what happens when me and dezzie r playing DDR, when I have read TOO many SeiferXHayner Fics, and when boredom strikes!=D
The continuation of Axel's and Demyx's adventures
Axel is back on his bike and ready for another adventure.
Remake of "You Truely are Heartless". Name may change over time. Summary inside
She's looking for that missing part, and instead gets sucked into the life of the organization. (Full summary inside) AU, Rated Teen
An AkuRoku fic of mine. I'm rather fond of it, though most of it was just to past the time and seem rather rushed. Hope you like it anyway. :)
This is my first fanfic. I own none of the characters in this story and (unfortunately) never will. Please comment on my chapters, if you don't I cant get better!
Yeah, I'm kinda better at writing, I think. AND I LOVE SOKAI AND ROXNAM! <3 8D Lol. I'm a spaz.
You're memories are just pictures without a meaning, and often we are questioning them. Why haven't we talked about this after we fell to the darkness? Were we just too afraid? Was our life a life to truely be forgotten? [Axel x Larxene] READ DISCLAIMER
Riku, in an alternate setting, loosing his best friend forever....
Maybe more, maybe not- if I get even ONE comment, I'll make more.
I am also in it some of my friends also to see which KH male will date you or not!
A nice little story you must read. Comment me and tell me if i should add and thing. Another chapter will be coming too!! COMMENT IF YOU READ!!