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Jak Poetry by me laugh and give me bad comments on how I suck at it.
How would the story of Jak and Daxter had changed if there was another character, Samos’ youngest daughter, Tera, involved in the plot? Would there be a lot of differences, or would nothing change at all? Shall we find out?
 This is just to see if you love Torn or not. Please comment!! ^.^
 This is just something to see if you love Jak. I will have one to see if you love Torn soon!! Please comment!  =P
This is just how to know if u r obsessed with Jak and Friends!!! I KNOW Iam!!Please comment!! =] Pretty please with sugar and Daxter gummies on top? +.+
A crossover we other game characters appearing, like Spyro and Crash Bandicoot
Jak gets sent to prison yet again and meets a new character who might make him more trouble than he thought. 
A crossover
After Jak 3. Torn is bitten by a mysterious creature and things go crazy.
Over 2 years there hasn't been a leak of heartless (creature without hearts)

No one could figure out why this happened.....

“I herd there's a monster protecting it!” Cried a women to her friends one day as she walked carrying a sleeping chil
Gol and Maia are evil, true... but how did they become that way...? I need to do art for this. ~_~