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Drabble. Tsuzuki's stuck between a lonely shiki and a jealous partner. ByakkoxTsuzuki, TsuzukixHisoka, ByakkoxTsuzukixHisaok?
Tsusoka. Drabble. The nighttime adventures of Tsuzuki and Hisoka.
Drabble. TsuzukiHisoka. Thoughts and Reflections.
A Day of Tsuzuki Torment
After taking one of Watari's potions, Tsuzuki becomes A PUPPY, and when Watari creates an antidote that fails, WHAT WILL HE BE NEXT!?
But I am his Doll, and nothing will change that. I am glad.' Small thought. R & R ALWAYS appreciated...even though I don't deserve it.
Hisoka's fired as a shinigami, yet he doesn't tell Tsuzuki. One-shot. Sad ending.
Tsuzuki and Hisoka had become closer since the Kyoto incident. Their relationship deepened, and someone is not happy about it. Muraki, he has his next plan......
Read and find out... Tsu x Hi, hints of Muraki x Hisoka
Tsuzuki's POV. Contains PG-ish...A type of poem(??)Well,instead of reading summary,why not just read the whole thing...?