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Team Dark comes across Mephiles that Dark.

what does Mephiles want and why is he after Rouge the Bat?
After Shadow finds Sonic waist deep in snow he takes the hedgehog back to his ''cave''. Thats where Sonic finds out the truth about Shadow.
here is inf about my ocs, i wil try updating this as much as i can coz im not on fac much anymore
Just an intro to a story about my sperm anthro, Sam...There'll be more later.
Just read it. ^.^
an old story with i re-wrote. It's about a anthro wolf meeting and falling in love with a human girl.
My character profiles. Anyone is welcome to use my characters as long as they mention me as the owner/creator of the characters.
Okay, no one here(except Neko-Ninja and Wolf-girl-ghost) knows this yet, But you all know crocdragon89 right? Well, her and I did a responce fringe. I'm gonna put up a story on a sorta aftermath kinda thing.
^^ I was bored. XDD
An anthro story I wrote. Told from the first person perspective of a mutant in a future earth. His people are being kept a secret from humanity and he must save them from a dominating human millitary.
this is some random story i felt like writing. and OMG! it's complete! it was fun to do. this is pretty much how i rp with my friends. david and matt are my new characters i already drew them. well i hope you guys enjoy this story ^___^
This is the first chapter to a book I am hoping to get published.
This just came out of a crazy corner of my mind one day. Each chapter isn't long and it's written in script form....but it's stupid ^.^
Sonic and Shadow in another world, and mutants appearing all over the place on Mobius. That's the bottom line.
Be Warned: The later chapters are long!
This story is what I thought up after my friend, Iceshadow, and I adopted two cat-Bats.

This story is random and is includes other OC's of Iceshadow and me.

It ends sadly I know but remember this monkey wasn't exactly the most pleasant of his kind.
This is a story about a beagle named Chance who runs away from home to find out what his purpose in life is. But can he make it through...alive?! Rated PG.
This is about a teenage girl. Since she was 8 she has been on her own. Her parents were killed in front of her.She's discovered that she has a gift, a power, a curse. She could travel from place to place just by thinking of it.
Just read! xD
my dog died not to long ago, so i decided to write a quick poem about it...I'm so sad...
A poem about your imagination