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The mental health of the elderly has an inevitable connection with physiological factors, surrounding environment and life factors. Faced with an increasingly ageing body and the increase in leisure time after retirement, many elderly people feel empty and do not know how to live. 
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Vashikaran Yantra For Love
My cat is so funny ^^
No this is not a story it's to see if you want to adopt and pet from my adoptions 0___0

To see if there is still adoptions left XD
It must be wolf,horse/unicorn or other canine.
Prize in one drawing of winner's fav character/animal.
Comment here if ya wanna join.
My profile won't let me add my pets birthdays so i'm putting it in here ^^
I remember her. She was my hero. She gave her life to help me. I was just a mere cub. A kitten. Why? I'll explain why.
I had to do this poem for school...
I'm bad at poems, but i thought i'd share with you guys.
This is a poem I wrote that goes with my picture of my hamster Jamie who died at three years old, I miss you soooo much Jamie, Rest in Peace.
It's all about a spider, your never find out what happens if you dont read it!
The story of My warriorcat rp character and the other clans.
I don't know where the text of my story is supposed to go, but I'll try and add it later. Aspen's doing the cover of this book, so I thought you might actually want to read the story. Here goes!
War has broken out between the two bordering countries Hamstronia and Kittenisia, nuclear weapons are being prepared and the approval for attack is pending--Enjoy Reading! =)
Melissa: Hey...I came up with the idea for this poem.
Karen: I made it rhyme!!!
Well this is about our dream fantasy of becoming a butterfly...Melissa: So the Question is: What if I was a Butterfly...?
This is about my cat ,my childhood friend ,and how he was taken away. There is a moral at the end. Please read and coment.
Lizzie has an idea to help to pet store she works in to raise more money.
It's kinda weird, it was for some school project but yea, probably the only story i'm ever going to enter :P
This Is A Poem About My Dog Bubba!
The story of my character Glacier, the little polar bear cub. Just about his life and friends/enemies he meets during it. Still devoloping it...
like little red riding hood. Little good tiger cub is on his way to Granny Lion but then comes along the ugly fat Gorilla.what happens next?