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This is just a parody if I want to slack off and think about warrior cats and parodies ._. DERP
Jaggedsight lives in a forested caln called Rubyclan. Her father left when she was just a kit. Later, she meets him and is attcked by a dog. Will she ever forgive him? Will she find the one who finds the beauty inside of her? Read to find out!
Sproutpaw is the runt of his litter. How far will he go to prove he's not just a thorn in his Clan' sides? Join him as he trudges through hard times, involving breaking the warrior code far too many times.
the rise of a great leader the rise of a old clan betral secrets love care somehow everything goes together but for rose the daughter of 2 leaders life isnt all it seems
me and Itspikatard are writing our own Warriors story. We titled it Dead of the Night. I write all the odd number chapters, and she writes all the even number chapters.
this isn''t a story per-say, it is a list of my warrior clans for DOTN (Dead of the Night) The other two Clan''s, BlizzardClan and HailClan will be uploaded by Itspikatard
A Warriors fanfic about my OC, Silverstreak.

Couldn''t think of a decent title XD
A oneshot I did for a contest run by ChaosEmeraldBlue on DA.
Sonicstar, leader of SonicClan must now claim a new deputy after the disappearance of his former deputy, Twotail.
A Sonic/Warriors crossover oneshot.
Might make a full fic someday!
This is RON and my Warriors fanfic. The prolouge was written by both of us, then we are gonna alternate writing chapters!! =P
Hope you like!! =D
Wanna know what Hamstar27's and my OCs look like? go to her profile -->
Enter Coalfang's story! Follow this new warrior as she faces the evils of rival clans, and the love and respect she gets from her clan.
by KingArthur93 and RobinHood92
this story is told from seven different point of views. they change every chaoter. here is who they are;
leopardface, mousefoot, smokebird, ceadertail, littlepaw, gorsespring and tigerstreak.
Sunpelt faces more dangers than he ever imagined when traveling with friends.
Its been 20 years since firestars death. will the clans survive in their new forest?
This is Daisykit's side of the story

Daisykit (C)to Me
Mossflower (Mama) (C) to me
Nightkit (c) to me
MoonClan (C) Dingocat
Wingstar (C) PrincessMarinia
One day when Blazestar is named leader of ShadeClan all goes wrong...

Mean while Riverclaw is fighing for the right decison. Will he try to kill Blazestar or will he let his clan build up into a super clan with killing and violence?
Hello, I love reading Warriors by Erin HUnter and i'm gonna make a story!!!
When Lavenderwhisker of ShadowClan disided to take her three kits- Blackkit, Darkkit and Aurorakit to WindClan, it was a whole new change for Blackkit. She was ShadowClan through and through, and she diddn’t want to leave.
my friend was the insperation, the same insperation that drove me to drawing that ringo pic. she said: "if someone named their kit ringokit, and he grew up to be leader, he would be ringostar!" and thus, the biography of ringo was born.
Hawk is a frisky brown she-cat with short brown fur. She lives on the street of a busy city. Can she find a place beyond this disaster area?

Small Spoiler: The beginning of MudClan
I hope everyone likes it!
uhh... read it... and.... yeah.
This is the story of TaintedClan.

The rise and fall of Spiderstar's power.
Lean Moonpaws family here!