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when Alice bracks her ankle she is taken to the moon dormitory by Aido and descovers the secret of the night class and about herself.
Yeah, you all remember Bleeding Love, right? Well, this is a story about my other vampire knight oc, Hideki. That's all I gots to say about it. (I forgot to mention that he's a vampire)
Maria has always loved Ichiru, will her dreams come true?

Rated PG 13~!

Warning only for teens!
This is our sequal to Bleeding Love. I am rescued from the depths of despair. (aka Aido's evil abusive self)
It's by my bestie Sam(for mee)
SEQUAL TO BLEEDING LOVE PEOPLE!Ayame was pretty much at the point of no return and close enought to dying but now her saving grace comes to rescue her from the depths of despair.
Okay, this is a story about me that I wrote with my Sempai, Kelalailea. It's a story about me and my lover, Aido.
From a show called "Vampire Knight".
Zero is slowly becoming more depressed as Yuuki falls deeper in love with Kaname. What's a lonely vampire to do? The chairman has some new students coming around.
This is a fanfiction that I wrote for the anime series, Vampire Knight. It's about a girl named Ayame who is 1/3 vampire and is the newest student in Cross Academy's night class. (now newly revised)
its short i know but hopefully my fan that requested this is satisfied and sorry i just really got busy with work and the kids n school! only 37 more days!
oh any yea this has some grown up stuff so please forgive me if u dont like it!