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OLD fanfic from 2008, published during the height of my Igor obsession.

Original Description: My fanfiction account of the film's antagonist, Dr. Schadenfreude, and how closed up inside, in poem form...
Garth and Lily take on the responsibilities of being true leaders of an Omega and Alpha pack. Lily is disgruntled with how Kate has been slacking in her motherhood obligations. Lily takes in charge showing Kate in how to be responsible in taking care of wolf pups. Kate and Humphrey are confused as to why Lily and Garth do not wish to spend more time around family. 

Based on the ARCADE fandom

Turbo spends some time with Marina and muses on her future.
'Oh, Ionia' © MCD & Rachel Prince
Wreck It Ralph © Disney

Blanky © Rosalina
William Birkin © Capcom
The Sugar Rush racers have something to ask newcomer Ionia about Turbo. But what could it be?

'Oh, Ionia' © MCD & Rachel Prince
Wreck It Ralph © Disney
A new student arrives in Miss Viola''s class, and she''s not shy at all. Yes. Michelle does have a Heartsong. She sings the best in her class. Can Gloria beat her?