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Disclaimer: Flames and bashing will simply be used to heat up my fireplace 

Based on a prompt I saw on tumblr I just HAD to write this and first time I write 
Most of us have our own 2p! universes! So please, let me show you mine! Hopefully this wont be abandoned.
When Arthur and Francis rush home with a mirror, Matthew and Alfred get little curious. of course it didn't help that Arthur had said that even he shouldn't look into it. who knows what could happen if he did. but would one little peek really hurt? (1st person story, hetalia, contains shippings)
America and his brother Canada are new students of Gakuen Academy!  Alfred goes through a lot of challenges. He hopes you can use this list to get through your school life. 
Poor Ivan Braginski has gotten Amnesia. He can't remember who he is, how old he is, or anything around him. luckily, He friend Matthew Williams is willing to help Ivan regain his memories, so the world can go back to normal again.
When sweet young Matthew Bonnefoy is suddenly a terminal cancer patient, he doesn't expect anyone to notice or care. But sometimes, love comes from unexpected places. (Hetalia AU, Human names used, PruCan, FACE Family.)
this is just some scraps. plz. tell me in the Comments witch ones i should continue.
I felt like writing a story on these two because i thought it would be cute.
Last one shot i'm submitting today haha. Pairing is again RusAme.
Another one shot. Pairing RusAme, Super short.
Just a one shot. Pairing is AmeCan or America and Canada. or Alfred and Matthew.
finland proposes to the north pole in the sauna.
... and the moments that bring them close together. A collection of oneshots & drabbles focusing on Japan and England. Full description on chap. 0
Okey dokes. I made an OC. Her name''s California (Cali for short) and she lives with America.

This is kinda hard to explain, so read it.