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I just thought this up. JUST THOUGHT THIS UP.

Klonoa (along with the other characters from the games) © Namco-Bandai
Crappy title, but it has a somewhat epic story!

The strangest things just happen whenever you get a new sibling, especially if you're different from him/her. You know what I mean.

Klonoa fanfic, Sunny's POV
Disclaimers in Chapter 0
Based off the Klonoa games... Along with some RP's.
All characters belong to their rightful owners.
Sunny-chan tries to discover her past and why she was born... But she finds mysterious things about her family along the way, even if she's only five years old...

All characters (c) their respectful owners!
Due to certain tragic events, 15-year-old Sunny is now paralyzed from waist-down. But if she imagines, she makes her life a little brighter.

All characters belong to their respective owners!
Just some random ideas from books, TV, and games!
Okay. Pretty much how Sunny started time-travelling
All characters belong to their original owners...

Rated 13+ for a little bit of swearing, violence, and blood
Meh... random stories Sunny comes up with... and sh**.

Sunny (c) me
other characters (c) Namco Bandai
MORE characters (c) my friends
One story.
One chapter.
One Dream Traveller.
Just a short oneshot on an event in Sunny-chan''s life-- being diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2. She is in her own world that Lolo and Klonoa are trying to understand-- the world of autism.
Somewere faraway in a place called lunetea a land of dreams and a new kindome has appeard how can this be possible theres a creature in there a creature of dispair
the king of dispair trying to consume lunatea to get his world back to normal all he can
Based on Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil. It's a POV of the King of Sorrow