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Ishida Uryuu has discovered that he is truly not the last Quincy. There is another, a female, Takisaki Hikawa. Ishida insists that Hikawa remain a secret.

But what will happen when a certain pretty boy shinigami falls unwittingly for the Quincy?
Ukitake is being driven off the wall by the increase in fighting between his two third seats. Shunsui comes up with a plan to give his best friend some peace and quiet, but it might work better than he thought. Sentarou/Kiyone
Arisu go to the world of the living and findes her family and some secrets
what the title says! btw, i know about these things because i have had experience!
this story is about: (i did not draw this picture, give credit to the artist please!) but that is what my story is about! (i started to write the story before i found the picture)
This is an IshiHime story. If you dont like the couple, turn away.
PS: i have a tight schedule at school and home, time taken to put up chapters may be very wide spread -Kristin
Drabbles. Random. Crack. 'Nuff said.
So this was supposed to be a one-shot with Grimmjow, but now I'ma make into a story. Idk how long, but yeah.... Msge me on how to correct any mistakes I might have made. This is one of my first stories so, yuh.. :\

Hope ya'll like it.
Just what it says: I gave Bleach people American names!!! It’s kinda cool. Please read it. I tried to make most of the American names have the same first letter as the Japanese names.
Assistant: Uryu Ishida (After Interview)

Host: Sin
Uryu Ishida is a fifteen year old boy who sometimes thinks only of himself. Until a girl with the wings of an angel comes into his life. Will he fall for her?
In the end he started thinking about the beginning. Ukitake drabble thing. Shunsui appears as well. Read and review!
blah. whee.
a lot like my naruto interviews. Lily is still the host.
Is there another Ichigo???read to find out!!
Mizuki Kumori holds some pretty nasty secrets that are threatening her life.