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Some of these apply to me... is that bad? o_o
Let the Shamans take your fears and sadness away...
when u do this, your a real shaman king fanatic.
Hao needs money so he opens up a day care, let's see how good he is with kids *evil smile*
Crossover with Shaman King and Tokyo Mew Mew:

Ren remembers Kishu as an imaginary friend he had long ago; and when his friend Yoh brings up the matter of his family and asks Ren if there are any other relatives he has that might be dangerous, Ren has a
Chapter Two of series Shaman King X. What's after the tournament? What is the last shaman king? Find out more...
Shaman King X is just a continuation of the series. I can't draw so I wrote it. It starts off with the scene of Yoh's Oracle Bell turning on automatically. Throughout my series the remaining contestants who wish to participate in the tournament striv
Songfic oneshot... Hao/Anna/Yoh basicly a Anna fluff that is vary good! I hate summery things so just read!
Jus a whol bunch of bios of the shaman king characters and some of my own
geh...err..i think its kool w00t X3
I.E: really good ways to get you're self killed,
plz dont flame me
A young mans brother dies. Torn by greif and guilt, a stranger convinces him that he could see his brother again if he does what the stranger tells him to. The young man listens intently, and within a month is finding strange things happening.
see them going at it over and over!! until they go deaf..
its about Zolo and mariah and devyn, with trey and horo to.
umm the title kinda gives it away. lots of songs involved 3 OCS (Hikari,Keito, Kieran... obviously.)
This fic is in spanish. This it´s my first fanfic and the only one. One day, when i have more idea for the language, i translate to english. It´s about a possible past of Marion Phauna. Sorry for my bad english :( See ya ^^
No OCCness All the couples but revolves around Ren and my imaginary character or if u want replace her with ur anime fantasy
a little somethink i wrote just because i was bord.. =_= stupid fic...etero ^^'
This a story about Nichrom and his feelings about the death of his brother
No matter how hard they're trying near the end, the X-Laws will always be idiots! CONTAINS MAJOR X-LAW BASHERY! Also contains some minor lime.
Hao burns his some of his hair off, because of pancakes, and everyone thinks he's Yoh! Then, they make a plan. Who will be tricked?
the shamans are all in sixth grade and are teaching others.
My first Fanfic!Suggestions and Reviews appreciated!

Ren's emotions and feelings of love for an ainu. He is...incomplete...However, was his love betrayed? -one-shot song fic- plz R&R...Ren/Pilika
When Yoh and Hao switch, Who will notice? Who won't?
Read to find out....