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A new neighbor moves into Bikini Bottom and sees what it''s like living there.
Hi!This is a story.......That I made up...WHILE WATCHING SPONGEBOB ON MY COMPUTER!(Yay ATI!)The storyline may seem FOP oriented in the first few chapters, but then, It takes place in Bikini Bottom.:p
~The Mad And Obsessed-Laurel Rokz~
It's when Sponge Bob and Castlevania are mix toghether(sorta).
this is soposed to be spongebob mixed with starfox. its been one of my top 3 animated shows since 2003.
dont read it!!!!!!
ok ti's very dumb and stupid!! tis a spoungbob,drix,and ozzie rap...O_
Spongebob and Patrick are off on an adventure everywhere and not by choice. They will meet Danny Phantom, Jenny XJ9, Mr. Blik, Waffles and Gordon, along with many other cartoon characters. The chapters are short but a lot of chapters so far so enjoy
SpongeBob opens his own resturaunt.
Friendalina's cool new babies!
Friend has a family!
Patrick finally gets his chance to be different!
This is a parody of the Spongebob Squarepants theme song.
one day spongebob went to the store for ice cream . when he got there they where out of ice cream. he got so mad.he was so angry his eyes pop out of his head. but just then patrick come along with ice cream on the cone two that he had. spongebob as