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Ok I'm on a Labyrinth kick and wanted to write so this came about. Read and comment if you like. Oh and yes Niki is my sister I have us both at the age we would be when I first wanted to try and write this which is me at about 15/16 and her at 13/14
A list my friends and I made. You know you’re really obsessed with LABYRINTH when…

Ok I was on a Labyrinth kick and my friend and I had this conversation. XP
The Goblin King shows up, surprising both Chantal and Stephanie. He has come to ask the girls for help. Why would he ask two powerless girls for help? Is something wrong in the Underground? Part II of the Labyrinth Chronicles
Two friends, Stephanie and Chantal, accidently end up in the Underground, making their way through the Goblin King's Labyrinth in order to get their freedom. Making new friends and meeting strange creatures along they way, as they try and solve the p
A Continuation of Labyrinth with Jareth being the only character from the original that is used. The rest are characters from mine and Molly's upcoming manga, The Fallen. Read, review, and enjoy.