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This is my essay on artemis fowl, it describes him as an evil villain in many ways.
My story about the first female LEP commander in history; who by the way is none other than Anna-Maria, the daughter of a previous well-loved commander.
Arty unwillingly gets mixed up in an adventure aside two extraordinary kids. If this mission fails, it will cost him not only his life but everyone's. Crossover, I don't own anyone.
Artemis has found the woman of his his dreams. Will he ever get to tell her of his love?
If there's more than one of these stories posted, read this one, this is the one that works. ^^;

I'm sorry, I had to delete the file and reload it. So I lost all of the wonderful comments made. :'(
It got really spaced out, I'm sorr
Artemis Fowl is a genius. He needs serious help, too, and in more ways than you might think. The People are demoralised, for an unknown reason. And then the Old Country reawakens, bringing with it the Old Ways, which, in their full power, could destr