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The first Neopets story I've ever written.
This is something my friends and I made I beleive two years ago or so...=)
This is a story about a young princess who is a Royal Kougra. The pets in this story belong to me and my friends on neopets.
A poem about a petpet, told from my pets perspective.
A conversation between my friend Jacinta and two random people on Neopets. Read if you dare. o.o;; (rated yaoi for the bit about the guy who likes Ron... o.o)
When a theif meets a spy, what's the worse that could happen?
Jade, a young Ruki has been in the pound for fifteen years. When she is finally adopted, she sees her new owner as "special", and falls in love with him. (PLATONICALLY!! THIS IS NOT A DIRTY STORY!) Can Jade and Silas's relationship be more than that
An epic story about the revival of a ledgend, the death of a hero, and the love of two lupes, hopelessly caught in each others love