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Buh-Bye Ziddy!

Buh-Bye Ziddy!

Buh-Bye Ziddy! by Defiance
Buh-Bye Ziddy! by Defiance


Come on, admit it. You were in Gizamaluke's Grotto when you saw those tempting vines, and your oversized ego didn't listen to the moogle. And then you met one of those Grand Dragons and you screamed like a little girl as you fled or got killed(If you were stupid enough to attempt fighting it.) Hehe, this is dedicated to that sad, sad moment we can all relate to. :P

Made by pen on paper, scanning it in, and cropping, resizing, etc. using Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8.

Characters © Square Enix
Art by Lorraine Lin

General Info

General Info
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Date Submitted Time Taken A few hours or so
Views 2180 Reference Final Fantasy IX
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Comments (15)

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xoxsingxox on September 11, 2006, 1:42:54 PM

xoxsingxox on
xoxsingxoxI love this comic strip its so funny! hahahhahahhahahahahah! oh, and your dragon is so cute!!

ZidanesGirl on June 7, 2006, 10:48:16 AM

ZidanesGirl on
ZidanesGirlI'm guilty of doing that...AND I STILL GOT MY @$$ KICKED EVEN THOUGH MY CHARACTERS WERE AT LEVEL 40!!!!!   -_- I felt pathetic *sobs* ahh well...the next time I fought it I had Zidane & Freya equipped with coral rings and I had leveled up some more so that time I kicked it's @$$. that time I didn't feel so pathetic, and I was far enough in the game that all I had to do to get out of there was hop in the Hilda Garde 3  ^_^

Misachi-Chan on May 30, 2006, 12:26:54 PM

Misachi-Chan on
Misachi-ChanWe've all done it... ^_^'
Actually, I think mine was even more lame.
I went up in the begining, glanced around and went back down with no random encounters.  But I revisited the site later towards the end of the game... and still got my @$$ kicked....  *Dies*
Lol love the concept

Darkshift_Fox on May 10, 2006, 11:12:37 PM

Darkshift_Fox on
Darkshift_Foxme neither......but I WAS fortunate enough to have a boat load of potions, and zidane whent trance, and luck was with me that day (and as I figured out, the AI must've been having a bad day, as those dragons can wipe you out in a single shot, if they wanted), cuz I beat it....then died from one of thos Limina things in the grotto, cuz I used ALL of my potions.

sorchasukie on February 21, 2006, 2:12:04 AM

sorchasukie on
sorchasukieDamn moogle ... told me not to go up there so OBVIOUSLY i did ... i fled like a little girl (which i kinda was at the time - i was 10) scream "AAAH!!! F**K IMMA DIEEEEE!!! HOLY SH*T!!!"

Demothi on February 13, 2006, 1:04:42 PM

Demothi on
DemothiThe first time that I did that I had leveled up so much that some how (O.O) I lived.... but the next time I tried (after saving) I died XD

Meself_Dreaming on November 29, 2005, 4:19:43 PM

Meself_Dreaming on
Meself_Dreamingyes who did not do that!!??

i of course assumed if i was being told not to go there must be some wonderful prize awaiting me if i did!!! *favs*

NekoAndManga on November 23, 2005, 7:38:51 AM

NekoAndManga on
NekoAndMangaI love the moogle's hair, tis awesome, and that dragon is soo cool, and cute!! I love dragons, Zidane is awesome too!! woohoo!!!

NekoAndManga on November 23, 2005, 7:36:35 AM

NekoAndManga on
NekoAndMangaomg, i soo did that..the first time anyway:P
I went up, ran around abit, got attacked by a damned dragon, decided i'd fight it for exp. but lost, easily might i add, and got my butt kicked. So i went up again, determined, got my but kicked again, and again, and the third time too, by the same dragon. So I gave up...
But I have multiple files, so i did it on another file, but i didn't get attacked by a drsgon, i got attacked by an 'impossible-to-beat' bird thingy, and dies after a few attacks. T_T my life is sad....

RooChan on November 18, 2005, 6:27:27 AM

RooChan on
RooChan I agree with articunotamer. WHY do the moogles have to be right!? I made that mistake as well. The moogle was all, "HOMIGAWDSDON'TGOUPTHEREYOU'LL DIEEEEEE!!!" and I was all, "STFU! I bet there's lots of fantastic things waiting for me up there!"

*goes up vines and gets in random battle wif grand dragon"


... Then I died. T.T BUT now that I'm on disc 4 and just fooling around cuz I don't wanna go to the crystal world, I'm gonna get my sweet, sweet revenge...

Awesome pic! *favs*