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A Fight Amongst Chibis

A Fight Amongst Chibis

A Fight Amongst Chibis by KionaKina
A Fight Amongst Chibis by KionaKina


HA! I've been DYING to try this. The idea was intended for my 200th pic, but I kept screwing up and today I finally managed to get it right!

Well, Seto and Neji are fighting over - not Kay, not Kaori - ME! ...I dunno why. Well, no I'm not Kay. I go by Kay-Chan so try to remember that if I messgae you and mix OCs, I refer to myself as Kay-chan.

I think it's cute. But Neji came out taller than Seto...that was an accident.

Well, enjoy ^_^

General Info

General Info

Category Anime/Manga » - Crossovers
Date Submitted
Views 1569
Favorites... 7
Vote Score 3
Comments 46
Media Graphite pencil
Time Taken 30 minutes
Reference None ^_^


Comments (46)

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SapphireBlueButterfly on September 22, 2007, 11:12:55 AM

SapphireBlueButterfly on
SapphireBlueButterflylol, how cute ^_^

KionaKina on September 22, 2007, 11:26:12 AM

KionaKina on
KionaKinathnakies ^_^

JiniSingen on September 21, 2007, 12:08:25 PM

JiniSingen on
JiniSingenoooooh!OoO Can I do a pic like!!!!???XD I love the idea!X3 I promise you I will put you as reference!~XD

I love the idea!XD Genius!X3


KionaKina on September 21, 2007, 12:11:07 PM

KionaKina on
KionaKinaYes, go for it. lol ^_^ My idea is not totally original. A lot of people do crossover...well, not really crossover love triangles but love triangles in general.

Els did one of her, Yami, and Yugi

And...I can' think of anyone else

JiniSingen on September 21, 2007, 12:12:12 PM

JiniSingen on
JiniSingenI want to make a Yugi,yami and me!XD With jini in the backround doing...something...>.>;;;

I'll just start!XD

KionaKina on September 21, 2007, 12:17:22 PM

KionaKina on
KionaKinaSWEET! It'll be cute, I know. ^_^

JiniSingen on September 21, 2007, 12:23:00 PM

JiniSingen on
JiniSingennah...I'll just make a jini with yugi and yami...but wont it be may-sueish?

KionaKina on September 21, 2007, 12:24:42 PM

KionaKina on
KionaKinawhy would it be Mary-sueish?

And speaking of that, I'm gonna do a comic with some fangirl calling Kay a Mary-Sue and i think she'll pull out a bazooka and shoot her! *Evil laughter*

JiniSingen on September 21, 2007, 12:25:19 PM

JiniSingen on
JiniSingenoh!XD Thats good,are u telling me ppl called Kay may-sue?O_O

KionaKina on September 21, 2007, 12:28:35 PM

KionaKina on
KionaKinaone person did a long time ago on fanfiction. It was really old version of her for W.I.T.C.H so yeah...but still.

Kay is NO Mary-Sue and neither am I!!


She has a bad temper, sucks at sports, gets zits, tangles, and has a bad hair day like every other teenager out there!!

Ok, I'm done. ^_^

JiniSingen on September 21, 2007, 12:31:33 PM

JiniSingen on
JiniSingenya!ppl call Jini a mary-sue!I know she uses magic,but she's not that good at it and NO she does not have some special power inside of her to save the world...Its not even just her that has magic!Yugi gets later...

She is a coward sometimes,is clumsy,very shy,too quiet and...ya!She's just like me and I dont think I'm a mary-sue...

Some ppl said Jini's hair is stupid!ToT

I get so mad when ppl do that!>o<;;;

KionaKina on September 21, 2007, 12:34:02 PM

KionaKina on
KionaKinaWHAT! Her hair is friggin awesome! no one's made fun of Kay's hair yet.

I tell ya, it took me forever to find a good look for her hair.

JiniSingen on September 21, 2007, 12:36:15 PM

JiniSingen on
JiniSingensame here!I tried making it the most original I can!>o<

You can never find bangs like Jini's! And ur hair cant be stupid!Its so nice!X3 And original!^_^

Jini is not mary-sue and thats it!The only mary-sue thing I can say for Jini and Kay,is that they represent US!And thats it!


KionaKina on September 21, 2007, 12:39:08 PM

KionaKina on
KionaKinaYup..I think? not entirely sur,e but w/e.

Well, *points at pic* I'm not nearly as cute as Kay, but my little naime me is adorable! ^_^ ...why can't I be anime? -_-

JiniSingen on September 21, 2007, 12:40:37 PM

JiniSingen on
JiniSingenseriously,sometimes I think:

Why didnt god make us look like anime characters?ToT

Well,I still think I'm pretty but...I want a real Yugi or Yamiiiii!T0T

KionaKina on September 21, 2007, 12:42:46 PM

KionaKina on
KionaKinaI don't really think I'm pretty...but I want a Seto who loves me for me, not because he tihnks I'm pretty

JiniSingen on September 21, 2007, 12:46:50 PM

JiniSingen on
JiniSingenI had a guy like that...who likes me...and he really pisses me off!!!Xo Like STAY AWAY FROM MEEEE,I DONT LIKE U BACK OKAAAY?!

I already sent him a mail yesterday that I dont like him and stuff,I did say yes when he asked me to go out since I was happy some1 asked me...but then later...I DONT LIKE HIM,HE'S UGLYYYY!ToT I told him I just wanna be friends...-.-;;; I'll still chase Shadow...XD Until I find my Yugi or Yami,and trust me,that guy was....BLEH! He's annoying,doesnt work hard in class,and he restarted grade 9!O_O

Pandinator on September 20, 2007, 4:18:53 AM

Pandinator on
PandinatorI say Neji... Seto's a toothpick w/ big hair... and not good hair either... *prepares to die*

Pandinator on September 20, 2007, 4:21:24 AM

Pandinator on
PandinatorActually, Seto's okay... but i still say Neji,though...

KionaKina on September 20, 2007, 10:36:10 AM

KionaKina on
KionaKinaWow, well that one's a first XP

YamisSister on September 19, 2007, 5:38:06 AM

YamisSister on
YamisSisterIt's cute and funny at the same time! ^_^
Nice job!

KionaKina on September 19, 2007, 11:39:45 AM

KionaKina on
KionaKinaAww, thank you. *hugs*

cutie88 on September 18, 2007, 10:06:37 AM

cutie88 on
cutie88HA ha very funny favs!

KionaKina on September 18, 2007, 10:33:08 AM

KionaKina on

KhaoticWolf on September 18, 2007, 5:06:49 AM

KhaoticWolf on
KhaoticWolfLMAO! All for Kaiba though!

KionaKina on September 18, 2007, 10:32:45 AM

KionaKina on
KionaKinaI think everyone wants Seto to win. ^_^

Korochi on September 17, 2007, 11:32:58 PM

Korochi on
Comment Deleted

KionaKina on September 18, 2007, 10:31:41 AM

KionaKina on
KionaKinaYAY! I love faves!

FleurDeLaLune on September 17, 2007, 8:37:24 PM

FleurDeLaLune on
FleurDeLaLuneKawaii! I like your pose)))

KionaKina on September 18, 2007, 10:31:16 AM

KionaKina on
KionaKinaHeh, thank ya ^_^

FleurDeLaLune on September 19, 2007, 5:03:54 AM

FleurDeLaLune on
FleurDeLaLuneYou're always welcome)) So what about your Phantom of the opera contest? Is it still in power?

KionaKina on September 19, 2007, 11:39:31 AM

KionaKina on
KionaKina'fraid not. I ended it a while ago. :( Sorry.

FleurDeLaLune on September 19, 2007, 9:18:28 PM

FleurDeLaLune on
FleurDeLaLuneOh, that's a pity. Anyway, I'll still finish and post that picture of mine in my profile cause it can be regarded both as Phantom themed pic or just something absolutely random)

KionaKina on September 21, 2007, 10:51:57 AM

KionaKina on

SnowKitty on September 17, 2007, 10:09:19 AM

SnowKitty on
SnowKittyLOL! That's all I gotta say! *favie*

KionaKina on September 18, 2007, 10:30:54 AM

KionaKina on

firehead on September 17, 2007, 9:57:30 AM

firehead on

KionaKina on September 18, 2007, 10:30:39 AM

KionaKina on