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Anime Graduation! Or...Not?

Anime Graduation! Or...Not?

Anime Graduation! Or...Not? by krysofdeath
Anime Graduation!  Or...Not? by krysofdeath


((done in Prismacolor, Crayola, and a really crappy pen)) Yeeeeah...tis me. With all of my lovely F's. I'm such a bad student. XD I kinda liked this pic... until I outlined it with pen. Then it got all crappy. -.-; I don't really like the way the stacks of paper came out either...I'm no good with perspective. *lol* Well, in case you don't want to turn your computer monitor upside down to read the vocab, I'll put it here- Life: A load of crap; Cheesecake: A pie in disguise. It's only called cheesecake because 'cheese-pie' doesn't sound good.; Bagel: A lost seagull.; Fact: An opinion that too many people agree with. ((this is copyrighted to ChibiSamuraiJack!)); Band-aid: Help for bad musicians.;<br />
Heroine: Something not to be mentioned at school. ((Yes, I'm aware that it's not the right spelling)) If you can't see the words on the books, I'll put those down too. English: 2 B/Not 2 B! Government: Go Communism! ((I was rather hyper when I drew that one...)) Calculus: 2 + 3 = y?! Physics: E=mc squared. The quote at the bottom is also copyrighted to ChibiSamuraiJack, AKA Emily the Great. If you can't read that either, it is as follows: Due to the instability within the confines of our beings, we are conversating on the faults of the universe and also how cheese effects the very aspects of spom ponky pooflespiff. Hold the onions. Yes, I was hyper when I did this. Yes, I had to put Kish somewhere on the page, for he is awesomeness. Yes, I'm a really bad student. And yes, I'm really weird. Does that answer any and all questions? Okay. Sorry about the long description. ^^;

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Comments (15)

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Hachi10120 on November 15, 2007, 5:57:26 AM

Hachi10120 on
Hachi10120rofl this is soo cute! I love this pic!!! the quote is hilarious!!

dancing_thru_life on February 16, 2006, 7:46:50 AM

dancing_thru_life on
dancing_thru_lifeLol, bow to kish! very good piccy. Great coloring. )Hail Kishu!) *FAVS*

someone_who_dont_matter on August 29, 2005, 3:13:35 AM

someone_who_dont_matter on
someone_who_dont_mattero wowo . . .. . just . .. .wow *lol*

krysofdeath on March 25, 2005, 4:18:10 AM

krysofdeath on
krysofdeathAh, yes...I need to repost that fic someday. O_o;

YamiTenshi on March 24, 2005, 9:31:06 AM

YamiTenshi on
YamiTenshii also remember what 2+3 is Quote: Kish: Masaya, what is 2+3? Masaya: This question again? I had this question in grade school! For the last time it's FISH damn it!
- Tokyo mewmew judge judy style
I died laughing reading that.

YamiTenshi on March 24, 2005, 9:28:05 AM

YamiTenshi on
YamiTenshi*starts jumping up and down* I remember that quote i remember that quote! Kish: *sarcastic* yes and we're so proud of you..

silverfox on March 18, 2005, 2:16:11 PM

silverfox on

This is how I feel when we talk about stuff... Like, I don't get Intercept form AT ALL. Y=mx+b? Uh... ya. Hold the cheese. O.o;;; This is so cute! This is probably my favourite drawing on the whole site! YA! YOU RULE!!!! These kinda look my grades!.... Hehehe... My teachers give me my grades, and then next to one of several of my painstakingly elaborate doodles thy write,"If only you tried so hard in school you'd be an A student!" But it's like, "Who wants to be a 4.0 student anyhow?! It's freakin'... UNNATURAL." Then I go into one of my rants about how homework is stupid and worthless, and I'm still talking when the bell rings. But somehow, I've never gotten a detention or referral or suspension or anything... Hmm... Maybe my teachers just aren't all that observant... The bunnies..... o.O;;;

MyLittlePonyGurl on December 12, 2004, 11:03:14 AM

MyLittlePonyGurl on
MyLittlePonyGurlAwesome!! So adorable *faves*

Emerald on December 12, 2004, 10:55:37 AM

Emerald on
EmeraldYou color really good! I want prismacolor...but it's not exactly cheap...>_>;;

mskchick on December 9, 2004, 6:18:29 AM

mskchick on
mskchicklol that is so kewl!!!