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Chapter 1 - Hayner you idiot!

This is what happens when me and dezzie r playing DDR, when I have read TOO many SeiferXHayner Fics, and when boredom strikes!=D

Chapter 1 - Hayner you idiot!

Chapter 1 - Hayner you idiot!
There I was...kissing my rival Seifer.How did this happen you ask?Well it all began playing a good game of DDR.

It was me Olette,Pence,Roxas,Fuu,and Rai.Then seifer came along and budged into our game.He kept screeming "I will get this!".He fricken played everyone until Pence made his biggest bet yet.

"I want you to play Seifer and if he wins you have to kiss him, if you win you don't.BUT, if he wins and you back down, I get all of your allowence for the year.", yes it was the worst possible bet for any guy not gay...,"I accept!" I screamed.Olette instantley stopped wat she was doing, dropped her jaw, and yelled," Hayner you idiot!!!!!" "What?" "Mwahahahahahahaha!" Pence laughed EVILY!"Oh I get it... OH shoot! I cant beleive I did that!" I yelled.

"Dude look at him, he sucks! there's no way you can loose!"said Roxas."Ya your right, i have nothing to worry about!"I smiled.Seifer started smirking. right when I got on the mat, Fuu smirked and said,"Total inialation."

I was confused at what she said, but I didn't care.I just wanted to beat Seifer at DDR!After the lil session of battling, Seifer beat me by a long run, with my mouth a gaped."Yea!!"Pence yelled with his hand in the air."You sick pig!"I screamed,"You knew about this the whole time!"Seifer sunk into a corner, smirkng, as I slowly turned with a sour look on my face.

I slowly walked towards seifer one step at a time... then I was two inches away from his face, then 1 inch and then there was no more space and our lips finally touched, I felt Gravity had just lifted and that I was floating in mid air.My arms slowly started rapping around seifer's body and slowly made a slight groanong sound... Can you guess what happens next? YEP=3

Hehe...yea we were playin' DDR and I started finkin' of Hayner playin DDR, then the rest of the gang.I started speakin out what I was finkin and Dezzie was gettin pissed and REALLY wanted to make a story so...Hey-Ho!This came up!=D


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