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Chapter 3 - Craziness in the City

Knuckles battles mysterious new foes bent on stealing the Master Emerald!

Meanwhile, Punchy and Rainbow have discovered Rainbow's sister... But is she an enemy?

Chapter 3 - Craziness in the City

Chapter 3 - Craziness in the City
GeneX - Knuckles the Echidna
Chapter 3 - Craziness in the City
Stage 3(Hero 2) - Central Streets
Boss 3 - Alpha

Note: Sonic the Hedgehog and related characters are (c) SEGA and
Sonic Team. You knew that, right?
GeneX and related fanchars are (c) 2BIT (TheGreatGator), the author.

"Mr. President!" GUN's Commander marched into the President's office, a look of urgency on his face. Behind him was a man with even whiter hair than his, and red eyes. He was wearing the uniform of one of GUN's colonels. Behind that man was a brown haired man wearing a black suit with a blue tie. His eyes were covered by a pair of sunglasses. The President looked up from his paperwork and greeted the officials in front of him. "Commander... And Gunner. Always a pleasure." he said. The GUN Commander wasted no time and got straight to the point. "Mr. President, your nation is in crisis once again." he began. "Those freaks must be stopped!" Gunner interrupted. The Commander glared at Gunner, who backed off right away. "I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I think the President would prefer an explanation first." he said. "Yes, sir... You idiotic suck-up..." Gunner grumbled under his breath. The President appeared curious. "What's going on?" he asked. The Commander explained the situation. "As you know, an anti-human group known as the Covenant of Despair has been active in the United Federation for some time. Recently, they have begun taking bolder actions. One such incident brought on significant casualties, including Col. Gunner's predecessor." he said. Gunner held back a mischievous grin and put on a more serious face as he interrupted again. "I warned you about trusting those furry freaks, sir! Now, it's war!" he said, secretly pleased with the prospect. The Commander was less enthusiastic about the idea. "Now, let's not be hasty. Open war would be even more hazardous to the people of this nation." he noted. The President looked distant for a moment, then stood up with a sudden resolve. "It seems to me the situation has already become hazardous. If the Covenant of Despair wants a war, then we'll have to oblige!" he said. The Commander looked shocked by the President's words. "Mr. President!" was all he could say. The President began heading out of his office. "Come, Commander. I'll need to be brought up to speed on all recent Despair activities! Let's move!" he said, leading the Commander out. Gunner's companion waved to them as they left. "Bye, sir! Wow, I can't believe I got to see the President!" he said excitedly. Once The President and Commander were out of earshot, Gunner laughed loudly. "HA! You see, Spy? This is how the higher ups operate. Spinelessly!!" he declared. Spy frowned and nodded. "Y-yes, colonel..." Gunner smiled at Spy. "Ah... Colonel... I still love hearing that... But you know... If I were president, I'd have launched an attack on the freaks without delay!" he said. Spy smiled casually. "Well, I guess we get to take it easy until the President gets back to us! That'll be nice." he said hopefully. Gunner sneered at his spy. "Take it easy!? Me? You? Not until every last furry freak is banished from our world!" he shouted. Spy hung his head sadly. "I was afraid of that... What are your orders, Colonel Gunner?" he asked. "We can't do anything big right now. Have my unit keep an eye out for Sonic the Hedgehog and Kosmo the Morph!" Gunner ordered. Spy scratched his head in confusion. "I thought we were already doing that..." he pointed out. "Well, DO IT BETTER!!! I want those freaks stopped before they begin assisting the covenant!" Gunner snarled. "Sonic? Assist them?" Spy blurted out. Gunner's eyes filled with rage and frustration. "THINK, Spy!!! For all we know, Sonic could be the ring leader of this circus!" he shouted. Spy realized that it was pointless to argue with Gunner. "Y-yes, sir! Off I go, sir!" he said hurriedly before exiting the office. Once he was alone, Gunner smiled unpleasantly. "Furry freaks.... Judgment day is at hand! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!"

Little did Gunner know, that one of the "freaks" he hated the most was in that very city, mere blocks away from the President's house! It was Sonic the Hedgehog, and he was simply planning to pass through Central City just to get some exercise, but as he neared the President's house, he came to a sudden stop! A familiar blue robot was wandering around not far away. It resembled Gamma, but was one of Eggman's more advanced E-X series robots: E-2X Alpha! Flapping small, blue wings beside Alpha was a red and black Chao. It was Char! "Hold it, nuts and bolts!" Sonic shouted as he approached them. Alpha jumped, startled. "Eeeeek!! It's Sonic!!" the robot yelled. "Fancy running into you two here! What're you up to?" Sonic asked. Char laughed at Sonic playfully. "Hahahaha!! Wouldn't you like to know! C'mon, Alpha! We can't outrun him, but maybe we can outfly him!" he suggested. Alpha turned to Char, pointing to Sonic. "I wanna pet the spiky kitty!" he whined. Char chuckled at Alpha's childish tone. "Not now, Alpha! We gotta remember our mission!" he said. Alpha turned to Sonic and shook his fist at him. "Bad kitty! You won't get my lucky cereal!" he shouted before running off with Char! "Hey! Not so fast!" Sonic said, preparing to chase them. Before he could move, someone came up behind him and grabbed him tightly! "Ahh!! What's goin' on!?" Sonic shouted, glancing back at who'd grabbed him. It was Amy! "Sonic!! It IS you, right? Yes!! No imitation THIS time!!" Amy shouted with glee. She had a tendency to mistake any hedgehog she saw for Sonic, so she was thrilled to get it right for a change! Sonic quickly wriggled out of her grip. "Amy!! I'm chasing one of Eggman's robots! I don't have time for this!" he said with annoyance. Amy simply ignored him. "I knew our paths would cross again, soon! It's fate! So, let's go on a date!" she said. Suddenly, Alpha's voice was heard yelling nearby. "Can't catch me!! Ha ha ha hoo!!" Sonic glanced around, trying to figure out where Alpha had gone. "Aw, shoot!! Uh, I think they went this way!!" Sonic said, running off down the streets of Central City! "Hey!! Sonic!! Waaaaait!!" Amy shouted, trying futily to catch up to the high speed hedgehog.

Sonic had gone the wrong way, and soon found himself dashing through the city streets at random, hoping to find some sign of Alpha. Soon, he came across another familiar face, who stood in his path to get him to stop. "Sonic! Sonic, my boy, slow down!" Sonic stopped and squinted at the old man, trying to remember who he was. "Professor... Pickle...?" he said at last. Sonic had last seen the professor far away, in the desert region of Shamar. Professor Pickle shook hands with Sonic in greeting. "I thought I saw you speeding about! How are you, old boy?" he asked. Sonic opened his mouth to speak, but the professor just kept talking. "I've been studying the secrets of the United Federation at the library here in town. Fascinating subject... Ancient echidna tribes... Chaos Reli--" Sonic was in too much of a hurry for this. "Um... That's nice... I'm kinda busy right now, professor. Can we chat later?" he said. The professor nodded. "Of course... I'll be at the library! We can discuss my research over a plate of cucumber sandwiches!" he said as Sonic sped off. "Yeah, thanks, professor... Now, I better keep heading after Alpha.... If he's even still in Central City!" Sonic grumbled.

After a while, Sonic came to an area of the city that was swarming with GUN's robots. "I guess I'm on the right track now. GUN must be looking for Alpha, too." he reasoned. As he started searching this part of the city, it wasn't long before one of the GUN Beetles fired at him! The shot missed, but it got Sonic's attention. "Hey! What's your problem!?" Normally, GUN beetles couldn't talk back, but these beetles were custom made for the one who commanded them. "Sonic the Hedgehog! You are under arrest, by order of Colonel Gunner!" the Beetle declared! Sonic took a moment to process what the robot had told him. "Colonel... Gunner...?! Aw, how the heck did HE get a promotion!? After everything he's done!" he groaned. More Beetles were heading towards him now. "Give yourself up, or prepare to fight!" the first Beetle ordered. Sonic smirked at the robots defiantly. "Can't we talk this over?" he said sarcastically. The Beetles fired a few warning shots in response. "I guess not!" Sonic said. The robots surrounded him, ready to shoot. "Sonic is resisting arrest! Attack mode!" Just as the Beetles were about to begin attacking, someone came running towards them! "Leave MY Sonic alone!!!" Amy had arrived! She jumped to the nearest robot and smashed it with her hammer, prompting the other robots to start shooting at her! "Amy! Look out!! Those GUN robots work for Gunner!" Sonic shouted as Amy ran out of the way of the robots' shots! Once Amy was far enough, the robots turned back to Sonic, and while they were distracted, Amy ran out to hit another with her hammer! "I won't let any robots get between us! Leave them to me!" she shouted! Sonic frowned at this. Amy was liable to get herself hurt, so he couldn't waste any time! He quickly used his homing attack to jump from robot to robot, until all the robots in the immediate area were destroyed! "Show off!" Amy groaned. Sonic looked at her seriously. "Gunner and his robots are dangerous, Amy! You shouldn't antagonize them!" he said. Amy looked at him with confusion. "How are they any different from Eggman's robots?" she asked. Realizing she had a point, Sonic didn't say anything. "You're chasing that blue robot, right, Sonic? Well, I'm coming, too, then! Let's go!" Amy insisted. "Yeah, I guess with Gunner's robots around, I'd better take you with me..." Sonic muttered, leading the way at a lower speed so Amy could keep up.

As they searched the city for Alpha, they soon found that something else had been smashing some of the GUN robots in the area. Something very hot, by the looks of the charred robot remains. As they turned a corner, they found some canines wearing Covenant of Despair uniforms, including the jackal that was with Fera at Angel Island! The jackal was admiring the destruction of some nearby robots, but stopped to greet the hedgehogs as they arrived. "Sonic the Hedgehog, isn't it?" the jackal said. Sonic glared at the jackal. "What's it to ya? Is it really you the GUN robots are here for?" he questioned. The jackal shrugged. "Maybe. Maybe they are here for YOU. It matters not. Since you're here, I must find out where your allegiance lies." he said. Sonic scratched his head. "Huh? Allegiance? What are you talking about? And who are you?" he asked. "I am Anubis! I am an agent of Despair!" the jackal declared! Sonic smirked at his seriousness. "How charming." he muttered. Anubis pointed at Sonic tensely. "You must choose, hedgehog! We will wage war on the humans! You will either help us, or stay out of our way!" he warned. Of course, Sonic wasn't impressed by his threats. "I'm not very good at taking orders! Besides, what fun would it be to just stay out of it?" he replied. Anubis glared hatefully at Sonic. "I knew you'd be like this. You're just as impudent as that Master Emerald guardian! Fools, all of you!" he snarled. Amy raised her hammer. "Watch how you talk to Sonic! Or you'll be sorry!" she warned! Sonic glanced at her with concern. "Take it easy, Amy! You saw what he did to those bots..." he muttered. Anubis held a fireball in each hand. "If this will be your attitude, I will burn you to ashes!! No one will get in the way of the Covenant of Despair!" he growled. The two dogs looked at Anubis nervously. "Uh... Boss?" one of them asked. "Silence!" Anubis snarled. Sonic chuckled at them. "You guys sure are serious! Well, you don't scare me! Let's see what you got!" he said.

Anubis tossed one of the fireballs in his hands at Sonic, who effortlessly jumped out of the way. "Too slow!" he taunted. Anubis quickly tossed the other fireball, which was again easily dodged. Anubis's two canine companions attempted to tell him something. "Boss! You gotta..." Anubis threw a fireball at the dogs to shut them up. "Do not distract me!" he growled. Sonic was tapping his foot impatiently. "Can we hurry this up? I was in the middle of something when you started this!" he said. Anubis set his hands on fire. "I agree, hedgehog. Why don't I turn up the heat?" He aimed his hands at Sonic and began shooting a continuous blast of flames at him! Sonic attempted to move out of the way when Anubis separated his hands so that he was shooting two blasts of fire! The fire started to surround Sonic, leaving him nowhere to go but up! He jumped as high as he could, and landed to Anubis's right! The jackal ceased the flames coming from his left hand and kept Sonic busy with fire from his right hand. As Sonic gracefully dodged the flames, Anubis was pointing his left hand at the ground and muttering something under his breath. As Sonic jumped away from the flames once again, a mummified hand reached up from beneath the ground and grabbed Sonic's ankle! "H-hey!! What's going on!?" Sonic shouted, trying to free himself from the grip of the mummy! Anubis grinned at the helpless hedgehog. "Now, prepare to..." Before Anubis could finish speaking, the dogs that were with him grabbed him by the arm. "Boss, you're supposed to be somewhere now! You can't waste any more time!" one of the dogs insisted! Anubis growled angrily as the mummified hand released its grip on Sonic and retreated underground! "You fools! You ruined my concentration! I almost.... Wait...." Anubis pushed back one of his sleeves a little, revealing a wrist watch. "Ah, yes. I have to go. Well, it can't be helped. You two kill this worm!" Sonic watched in confusion as Anubis ran off. "Farewell, Sonic the Hedgehog!" the jackal shouted in parting. Now, the two dogs raised their fists at him. Amy ran to Sonic's side holding her hammer. "Don't worry, Sonic! I'll help you this time!" she said. The two dogs seemed rather excited for the fight. "Heh heh! We'll surely get a promotion for this!" one of them said. "I wouldn't bet on it!" Sonic said, running toward them! Just before Sonic could hit them, they quickly moved out of the way and kicked Sonic from the sides! Sonic stumbled backward a little, surprised by the speed of the dogs. "So, you guys can move pretty fast, huh? Well, I can move pretty fast, too!" he said, quickly jumping away from another attack! By this time, Amy was running towards the dogs. "Take this!!" she shouted, swinging her hammer at one of the dogs! The dog tried to dodge, but failed, and was hit in the head! This simply angered the dog, who grabbed the hammer and attempted to pull it away from Amy! Meanwhile, the second dog was sneaking up behind Amy, but forgot about Sonic, who quickly smacked him away with a homing attack! "Hey! Fight fair!" he growled. Amy then managed to wrestle her hammer free and clobber the other dog! "Ooof!! Aw, Anubis is gonna barbeque us!" he whimpered, realizing Sonic and Amy together were too much for them. "Well, you could always get outta town, where he can't find you." Sonic suggested. The two dogs climbed to their feet and glanced at each other briefly before running away! "We gotta get a new job! At a candy store!" one of them shouted as they sped away. Amy stuck her tongue out at them. "Don't bother us again, losers!" she taunted.

As Sonic and Amy began searching the city for Char and Alpha again, it wasn't long before the GUN beetles found them! A rather large swarm of beetles surrounded them, but did not start shooting just yet. "Oh, great. These guys again!" Sonic groaned. In a moment, Spy arrived on the scene. "Oh, this is what the beetles were looking for. Hi, Sonic!" he said, waving. Sonic looked at him quizzically, and waved back slowly. "Hey... uh.... you.... Could you call off these robots? I'm busy chasing one of Eggman's robots, you see..." he explained. Spy looked around at the robots nervously. "Ummm... I'm not really authorized to command the robots. I'm just out to get Gunner his coffee. I'm following the beetles just in case the Covenant of Despair sees me..." he said. Amy sighed with annoyance. "It figures..." she said. Sonic decided to see what he could learn from Spy. "Just what is this Covenant of Despair?" he asked. Spy shrugged. "Beats me. They just seem to want to make trouble. And they're dangerous. Way more dangerous than Eggman, if you ask me. Look, the robots are holding their fire for a few minutes to let me get clear. If I don't move soon, they'll shoot anyway. Besides, I gotta get that coffee. Colonel Gunner may not be the best boss in the world, but he's my boss, so I gotta do what he says..." he said. Sonic crossed his arms. "Really? Even if you know what he's telling you to do is wrong?" he asked. Spy began backing away from the beetles. "You don't know him like I do. He's more clever than you know, and he'll do whatever it takes to get his way. I thought he'd be fired after that business with Experiment 3, but he's too smart for that. He actually ended up promoted! I can't defy someone like that..." As Spy's voice trailed off, the beetles began aiming their guns at Sonic and Amy. "What do we do now, Sonic?" Amy asked worriedly. "Give yourselves up, or be destroyed!" one of the beetles said. Sonic put his hands on his hips. "Well, we're not gonna pick one of those choices!" he said.

Realizing that it would be too dangerous to fight the beetles with Amy caught in the crossfire, Sonic decided on the only other solution he could think of. He lifted Amy into his arms. "Hold on tight!" he instructed. Amy grabbed on to his neck as tight as she could, choking him. "Ack!! Not THAT tight!" Sonic managed to say. "Sheesh, make up your mind!" Amy said, loosening her grip. At this point, the beetles finally figured out what Sonic was going to do. "Suspect is attempting to run! Pursuit mode!" The beetles suddenly underwent a slight transformation, revealing wings and engines, giving them an appearance similar to small jets! Spy looked at the beetles nervously. "H-hey! Wait! You can't leave me alone here!" he whined. Despite the robots' speed upgrades, Sonic quickly left them in the dust, and with the robots off his trail, he thought about how he might find Alpha. "That robot's probably still somewhere in the city. The question is, where?" he wondered aloud. As they ran, Amy had an idea. "Look there, Sonic!" Sonic stopped abruptly and looked up where Amy was pointing. A trail of rings was leading up to a rooftop nearby. Sonic looked thoughtful. "Yeah, that'll work. Good thing I'm wearing the light speed shoes! But I can't take you with me if I go up that way..." he told Amy. She jumped out of his arms. "Don't worry about me! I'll catch up!" she said. Sonic headed for the start of the ring trail. "Catch you later, then!" he said before using the light speed dash to race through the trail of rings! Once he was gone, Amy ran for a nearby building. "I hope I can find an elevator somewhere..." she muttered.

The ring trail took Sonic straight to the roof, and upon landing, he began looking around for Alpha. It didn't take long to spot the robot, for it was flying around the rooftops a couple blocks away! "If he was on the ground, this would be a cinch... Hmmm..." Looking around the buildings leading to where Alpha was flying, Sonic noticed that there were ring trails linking several of the rooftops! "Well, that makes things easier... Where do these rings come from, anyway?" As Sonic began chasing them across the rooftops, Char and Alpha were nearing their destination. They soon stopped at a large but rather nondescript rooftop. There were no stairs or elevators that could be used to go between the roof and the interior of the building, which is probably the reason why Char and Alpha were the first to find the cyan colored gem sitting there! "Well, Alpha! We did it! We found the Chaos Emerald!" Char cheered. Alpha didn't look pleased. "Chaos Emerald? I wanted a toaster!" he protested. Char giggled at the random statement. "Right, Alpha. Well, we better call the doc and tell him the good news!" he suggested. Alpha focused his robotic eyes on the center of the building and projected a life-size hologram of Doctor Ivo Robotnik, AKA Dr. Eggman! "Hello? Char and Alpha? I hope you have good news for me!" Eggman said. Char pointed at the gem on the ground. "We found it, doc! We'll be bringing it back soon!" he reported. Eggman smiled at the news. "Excellent! Did you encounter any resistance?" he asked. "Flying monkeys were laughing at me." Alpha said. "Ha ha! There's no such thing as flying monkeys! But we did run into Sonic on the way, doc! We gave him the slip!" Char added. A look of frustration flashed across Eggman's holographic face. "Of course... And now he'll be a thorn in my side for the rest of the plan. Well, if that's all, get back to the land base as soon as possible!" he ordered. Eggman's hologram faded away, and Char and Alpha turned their attention to the Chaos Emerald. "Well, mission complete! I knew we'd find the emerald!" Char said cheerfully as he dropped next to it. Alpha turned away from the emerald. "Did you know we'd find it?" he asked someone. Char glanced over at where Alpha was looking and found that Sonic had arrived! "Aaaah!! Sonic!? How'd you catch us!?" he gasped. Sonic grinned at him. "You didn't really think you could out-speed me, did you?" he said. Alpha shook his robotic head. "No, that's silly! I just thought I was faster than you!" he said. Suddenly, a noise was heard behind Sonic! Turning around, Sonic saw a hand reach over the side of the building! A second hand holding a familiar hammer reached up next, and soon, Amy climbed up from the wall! She crawled away from the edge, panting with exhaustion. "I.... said.... I'd.... catch up.... And I did! Now.... what's up?" she managed to say. As she climbed to her feet, Alpha pointed at the Chaos Emerald. "We found my shiny rock! Now let's all roll away!" he said, explaining the situation in his own way. Amy rose to her feet unsteadily. "Wow, that robot's still crazy! What's Eggman thinking, still using it?" she wondered. Char hovered beside Alpha, smiling knowingly. "A funny thing happened after your last fight with Alpha! His craziness made him more unpredictable!" he explained. Alpha raised his arms excitedly. "I want a rubber chicken for my birthday!" he declared. Char laughed loudly. "Hahahaha!! See? And when he fights, that craziness makes him hard to keep up with!" he said. Sonic looked skeptical. "He still can't keep up with me!" he said. Alpha jumped in place angrily. "You are rude! You didn't even offer me any toothpaste!" he shouted. Amy leaned on her hammer like a cane, still tired from apparently climbing up the side of the building. "You don't even have teeth... Do you?" she wondered. Char flew up high to get a better view of the action about to happen. "Ha ha! This should be interesting! Go get him, Alpha!" the Chao chuckled. Alpha began jumping around doing mock karate stances. "Alphie-fu time!" he said excitedly. Sonic found the situation somewhat humorous, too. "Heh heh heh! Bring it on!" he said.

Alpha jumped up into the air, using his jetpack to hover in the air just out of Sonic's reach. "I like you! Let's play laser tag!" the robot said, pointing his lasers at Sonic, who began stepping around the roof cautiously. "OK, pal. I'll play with you!" he said, humoring Alpha. Amy looked slightly worried. "Careful, Sonic! Who knows what that bot is thinking!" she said. "I do! I do!" Alpha replied, "That robot is thinking.... paper airplanes!" Before he even finished speaking, Alpha began firing his lasers at Sonic, who had to move quickly to avoid them! Next, Alpha dropped to the roof next to Sonic and attacked him with a spinning kick! Sonic was taken off guard and knocked over! "I got him!" Amy shouted, running to Alpha with her hammer raised. Alpha did a back flip just as Amy reached him, then pushed her aside with his laser hand, shooting at Sonic with it at the same time! Sonic quickly jumped away and then attempted to hit Alpha with a homing attack, but the robot suddenly rocketed up into the air, out of Sonic's reach! As he landed on the roof, Sonic skidded to a stop just before the ledge, slipping and falling on his back as he did! He sighed with relief, since he almost fell, and then quickly scrambled away as Alpha began firing lasers at him again! "That robot does improvise an awful lot... But I can do that, too!" Sonic said to himself, glancing over at the Chaos Emerald. Char had been laughing uncontrollably watching this fight, but suddenly stopped as he noticed Sonic running after the emerald! "Oh, no you don't!" he shouted, diving to the emerald and snatching it away before Sonic could grab it! "That would be cheating!" Char scolded. Alpha had been watching this, and now landed next to Char. "Hey! I wanna cheat! Give him the thingy!" he whined. Char looked at him blankly for a second, then dropped the emerald and hovered away! "Look out, Alpha!!" he shouted! Amy had approached from behind, and hit the robot on the head with her hammer! "Hi-ya!! Take that, you busted bot!" she yelled. Alpha was unfazed by the attack, and spun around quickly to push Amy down! "Laser tag! You're it!" Alpha shouted, aiming his laser at Amy! Sonic reacted quickly, running circles around Alpha at high speed! The robot spun his body around quickly, trying to keep up, but ended up losing his balance and falling over! Taking the opportunity, Sonic jumped into the air, preparing for a homing attack!

The attack hit hard, resulting in an explosion that sent Sonic soaring backward! Again, he skidded to a stop close to the edge of the building! "Next time, let's do this at a lower elevation..." he said. Char flew over to the explosion worriedly. "Alphie!! Are you OK!?" he yelled in panic. As the smoke from the explosion cleared, Alpha stood up. He was a little battered and smoky, but overall seemed fine. "Tee hee! That tickled!" he giggled. "It figures..." Amy groaned. Sonic walked over to Alpha, assessing the damage he'd caused. "Ready to quit?" he asked. Char nodded, flying to the Chaos Emerald and picking it up again! "Yeah, I think we are ready to quit! Let's go, Alphie!" he said quickly. Alpha glanced over at Char, looking rather pathetic. "All the world is blue again..." he whined. Char started flying off, and Alpha followed him. "Don't worry! You're blue, too!" the Chao said reassuringly. "Yay!" Alpha cheered. Sonic wasn't about to let them escape. Before they reached the edge of the roof, he dashed into their path! "Not so fast! Drop that Chaos Emerald!" he shouted. Char looked down at Sonic for a moment. "Hmmm... Right, you. Hahahaha!! I got it! Give us some smoke, Alpha!" he ordered. Alpha transformed his laser a little, enabling him to shoot out smoke, instead! In a moment, a blinding smokescreen covered the roof. "Hee hee! No smoking! I'm gonna go blow out some candles now!" Alpha chuckled as he and Char flew away! Sonic couldn't see where they were going through the smoke, but he could hear them for a little longer. "Wheeeee!!" Alpha shouted, apparently having some fun in his flight. Suddenly, Sonic could hear a loud thud. "OW!" Alpha shouted. "Watch where you're going, Alphie!" Char said. After that, Sonic could no longer hear anything from them. "When is this smoke gonna go away!? I can't see to move anywhere!" he yelled in frustration. He could hear Amy reply from somewhere. "Never mind that, Sonic. That robot's long gone now. At least there are still six Chaos Emeralds left!" she said.

Once the smoke cleared, Sonic scanned the skyline for any sign of Char or Alpha. "Well, that Chao was right... Alpha has gotten a bit unpredictable..." he muttered. There was no sign of Alpha anywhere, and it was clear that Sonic wasn't going to be able to find him now. He thought about the situation for a moment. "Well, I guess Eggman's up to his usual tricks!" he said, turning to leave. "Yeah... Guess so. What should we do?" Amy wondered. Sonic stood still for a moment, pondering something. "Actually.... I'm more worried about that guy... Anubis. He was talking about starting a war.... with the humans. That doesn't sound good." he said. Amy began looking even more worried as she thought about it. "That's right... And I bet they have a whole army, too! This could get dangerous, Sonic!" she said. Sonic made up his mind on the spot. "Well, army or not, I can't just let them hurt innocents! Forget Eggman for now! Better see if I can find out more about those Despair guys!" he said, walking towards the edge of the roof. Amy ran over to him and tapped his shoulder. "Uhhh... Sonic? That's all well and good, but.... How do we get down from here!?" she shouted, realizing that there were no stairs or elevator accessible from the roof! Sonic looked down the side of the building. They were pretty high up, so simply jumping was out of the question. Sonic thought about his adventures in Speed Highway, where he sometimes had to run down the side of a building. An evil grin emerged on his face. "Hey, Amy, feeling adventurous?"

Upon reaching the ground, Amy smacked Sonic in the head with her hammer. "DON'T EVER PICK ME UP AND RUN DOWN A BUILDING LIKE THAT AGAIN!!!" she screamed. Sonic rubbed his head where Amy hit him. "Jeez, you try to do someone a favor... Well, see ya, Amy!" he said, running away! Amy stood in shock for a second before chasing after him. "Hey.... Sonic!! Wait for meeeeee!!" she yelled.

To be continued...


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