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A description of my Sonic OC, Ekyt, whom I haven't used in years! I'm reviving him for two stories, one of which is a co-op fic with my friend, Shadowthe_Hedgehog!
Biographies of my OC's.  (Subject to change)
Plot: One of the most evil and powerful villaness, Escape's from prision, And goes around commiting terrible crimes, It is up to, Vector, Espio, Charmy, Violet, And Mighty to stop her.
All my f.cs

but anyways,
This is about Marvel and Alli, I couldn't think of a different title, so I put the same one from an earlier version of this., uhm, yep.

A series of one-shot stories set in the GeneX universe. Featuring episodes centered around various characters, rather than following any particular hero.
All Christmas Specials go here.

In the very first GeneX Christmas Special, Copter doesn't seem to get Christmas. In fact, he seems annoyed by it! Can anyone get through to him?

In the second, Gemini is feeling homesick. Fortunately, a reindeer crash helps to distract from it.
A story that serves both as a prologue to my fanfiction and as a little celebration of the fanfiction's 5th Anniversary.
This Is The Story Of belle Because The Movie Might Not Come Out
Basically all of my fancharacters described in a Team Fortress 2 style.
I might upload an image or two of their normal appearance.
Bio''s of some of my charaters.
I''m crazy bored right now. So i decided to randomly come back and make a story
blood the rabbit lost her parents 14 days after she turned 1, and is living alone with only her chao, Flame. Her only friends are Nikkith the porcupine and Jess the Hedgehog.
Oh man, you''ve got''ve been seeing this one coming.XD

All characters belong to everyone who owns them.
This is the cast from my side of the world.XD

Template is property of Chaoscontroler1992.
FINALLY decided to start on those OC bios........

bio template by Chaoscontroler1992 ^^
This is a kinda "Meet The Crew" Thing -_-

Bio Template courtesy of Chaoscontroler1992
Knuckles battles mysterious new foes bent on stealing the Master Emerald!

Meanwhile, Punchy and Rainbow have discovered Rainbow's sister... But is she an enemy?
This is a story with my OC Miwa and WillHawk14's OC Jack,
I Hope ya'll like it^^
There are both good and Bad times in everyones life. To hide either is to conceal the whole truth; this is wrong. This tale is to show that these aforementioned situations will never last.
Yours Sincerely,
The Scribe.
I based most of my characters on real mental diseases. Woot.
you can tell i was board XD so i made this
writen by me & my friend Joker the armadillo(aka Gekidogin)
45%(me) 55(joker)
A TwilightXLightning oneshot. I've been trying to write one of these for a while, so i slept on it. When i woke up, i was like, OMG THATS IT!
So......... enjoy! ^^