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Chapter 2 - Result of Pain

After Jak 3. Torn is bitten by a mysterious creature and things go crazy.

Chapter 2 - Result of Pain

Chapter 2 - Result of Pain

Yeah! I'm feeling very important now! I'm getting more stuff on here and it's making me feel very warm and fuzzy inside!

Riku: You're warm and fuzzy on the outside too. -huggles my tail-

Hee hee! Well, I have some news if you wanna hear it! I have an account on (name's EmptyHeart) and I have another story from the Jak/Dax trilogy. It's called After Jak 3-Love's A Killer but I have an issue; Part 2 isn't up on it and I can't figure out why it's not out there so you might have to wait for a while. Thanks!

Chapter 2: Result of Pain

“What do you mean, `just a scratch'!?” Tess, Daxter's ottsel girlfriend screeched, “Your whole arm was messed up!”

Jak and Torn were back in Haven City at the Naughty Ottsel. Their welcoming committee had not been what they'd expected. Upon hearing the news that Torn had had his arm ripped open my a mysterious beast in the Wasteland caves, Daxter and Tess had freaked out…twice, Ashelin had gone stomping off to who knows where, and Keira…well, Keira went straight to her room and grabbed her med-kit.

Now Torn was trying with many failed attempts to drink from a tankard with his bandaged arm.

“Shut your mouth, Blondie!” Torn snarled, flexing his fingers, the only part of his right limb that wasn't completely obscured by Keira's medical attention.

His arm was throbbing numbly and before the female mechanic-maniac had covered it, the spot where he was bitten had turned bright red with black around the edges; it wasn't pretty. The constant pulsing of the wound was rubbing his nerves raw.

“What if it's infected!?” Daxter was saying very loudly, “What if it falls off!? Then Torn's gonna have to get a fake arm! Those things hurt more than real arms do but you can't move `em! Hey Tess, where's the-oh never mind, there it is! Cheers to the hunters that never come back with anything! Hahaha! Metalheads don't stand a chance against me and Jak! They run at first glance!”

Torn ground his teeth, trying to contain his temper. That stupid rat never shut up!

Despite the pain in his arm, Torn's fingers clenched around his gun and his muscles tensed as he prepared to draw at top speed.

“Hey Daxter!” He shouted and as the ottsel turned towards him, Torn brought his gun up and pointed it at the rodent. Daxter screamed but as Torn's finger tightened around the trigger he heard a click and the cold metal of a gun pushed against the back of his neck.

“Torn, however much you hate Daxter I'm gonna have to ask you not to point your gun at my best friend or I will fire.” Jak's voice rose an octave and Daxter collapsed, shaking, into Tess' arms.

“Whatever, Jak…” Torn slid his arm down slowly to place his gun back in its place at his thigh but a spasm of unimaginable pain wracked his arm causing him to drop the weapon where it clattered to the floor. The ex-KG seized his arm, gritting his teeth, face contorted into a twisted snarl, and pinned it to the bar counter. Keira ran up with her med-kit in her hands but Jak stopped her, backing away himself. Tess and Daxter scrambled as far away as possible as growls of fury and pain roared past Torn's lips.

Suddenly, a bulge appeared on Torn's right shoulder and continued pushing against his Wastelander outfit until it tore right through, tearing his entire shirt into pieces. Two shiny metal plates with edges that looked razor sharp had ripped through the skin on Torn's shoulder. But the spectacle wasn't over just yet. With a cry of sincere pain that had never escaped him since he was 5 years old, Torn hunched his back, turning away from the two ottsels nearest him but giving Jak and Keira a plain view of what was going on. Keira screamed.

The bandages around Torn's arm were deteriorating as though acid had been poured on them, revealing the limb beneath to be blacker than night with the exception of the red bite mark that was splitting like a seam down to his wrist.

There was the sickening noise of flesh being ripped apart and Torn howled in agony. His arm had been almost completely severed in half by rope-like steel blades that whipped through the air before tightening themselves around the poor veteran's arm and pulling it back together.

Another pair metal plates protruded from his wrist and then more rope-blades ripped open the skin on his face, curling under his right eye and twisting snake-like over his ear. Then it was silent; even the moon, which shone like a silver blanket through the bar window, seemed to hold its breath.

“Torn?” Jak stepped forward tentatively; his friend had his head down and was breathing heavily, the fingers on his strange right arm twitching as though they had a mind of their own.

“It hurts…”Torn growled suddenly, sinking to the floor and clutching his arm, “Dang it all…! It hurts!”

Sweat left shimmering wet streaks on Torn's face as he grappled with his pain. Agony continually lanced up his limb, pounding in his skull and making his eyes water.

“Jak…”Keira shivered and looked away from Ton's arm, “Jak, Onin might be able to help. She seems to know a lot, maybe she'll know what's going on here.”

“Sounds good to me!” Daxter leaped onto Jak's shoulder, “Just as long as Tattooed-Wonder doesn't bite my head off!”

“You'd taste bad!” Torn snapped sarcastically but it pulled a smile from his face and a short chuckle escaped his lips as he dragged himself to his feet.

Mwahahahahahahaha! You shall never know the truth! >D Will the group make it to Onin's in time or will Torn use his creepy arm to destroy the entire world in a gigantic BOOM! Wahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Seriously though…is Errol really gay or is he just like cloths that ride up his butt crack!? @_@ I mean, look at the thing, it's just hanging out everywhere, like Krew's fat! O/////O What if the Baron's gay too!? Ahhhhhhhhhhhg! To many yoai pairings!! -faints-

Torn: I think you killed her…

Riku: She's right, you know. Hey! All you fanfic writers! I'm not gay so quit putting me with that moron Sora!

Torn: Why bother, it's not like you can do anything! Boil your heads, Gay-Lovers!

Me: Settle down, both of you! And Riku; you're not supposed to be here! This is a Jak and Daxter fan fiction, not a Kingdom Hearts fan fiction!!

Riku: -runs off crying-

Me: So Torn, what do you think is going to happen to you?

Torn: Dunno don't care…This arm itches right under the metal blade! You suck!

Me: This epilogue thingy wasn't supposed to turn out like this… -.-` See you next time in -puts on creepy deep voice- `Lesson From the Past' Bye-bye!


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