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Chapter 1 - info

what do anime and manga characters do friday night? Go to a Karaoke club of course! Characters will confess secrets, love, or just plain get laughed at.
more details in story

Chapter 1 - info

Chapter 1 - info
Oi oi oi! Welcome to ...ANIME KARAOKE NIGHT!! *arena of people cheer* where characters will confess luv, deepest secrets, or just get laughed at. How does this go you ask? Well read below you foolish human!

1) Tell me the anime/manga/whatever character(s) you want preforming and what anime/manga/whatever he/she/it's from, crossovers are fine.

2)Tell me the song and artist, pretty much any genre of music is welcome

3) Gimmie a theme! Love song for other character, evil plots, humor, love song for you, legless, so sad, duet/group, parody...ETC

3.5) the reson you have to tell me a theme is because i'll be changing the lyrics to fit the subject and character(s)

4) OC's ARE allowed

5) keep it pg-13 please, you can have a song suggesting something naughty but not...use you're heads! Yaoi and Yuri between characters or you and characters are more than welcome, stupid anime pairings are too welcome

6)If you want me to change lyrics for themes or to fit the anime, please keep the songs at least mostly english, other lang. passages are okay but I can't translate whole songs , sorry =)

Examples of requests!
"Zomg, Alee, ur so freakin funny, i would be honored if you were to have some of the ninja boys from Naruto singing "Kung Fu Fighting" By Carl Douglas like they're all drunk and the girls are all "Wth?", please consider my pitiful request as I bow to you!"

"AleeVonSpookee, I love you. Would you please honor me with taking my request of having Sesshomaru from InuYasha sing "Whip it" By Devo (cause he gots a whip) all funny like, cause you are the master of funny, Jakon, Rin and my OC Lune (Look up on my profile and Gallery) can be in there too, I will now devote my life to serving you of great one."

" ... my existence now has meaning because of you! I'm a obsessive fangirl who wants L from Deathnote to sing to me "What is love" by Hadaaway, plz make it romanticy! Then after can we kiss or somethin'?! Make Light jealous that I'm taking his man lawl! Thank you lord and master of all that is hilarious and wonderful."

Kay, so we clear? and they'll be chitchat in between and a whole lotta randomness! Oh, and Alee is also hiring waiters and waitresses, yay for manual labor!


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vampire_called_demon on March 18, 2008, 12:36:58 AM

vampire_called_demon on
vampire_called_demongaara sings "Im a dummy" from /acifer to naruto and they makeout afterwards

AleeVonSpookee on March 18, 2008, 5:12:46 AM

AleeVonSpookee on
AleeVonSpookeeokie, thank you ^^

Kakashizfangirl1234 on February 13, 2008, 3:25:44 AM

Kakashizfangirl1234 on
Kakashizfangirl1234Kakashi from Naruto to sing for my person C.B. *hold on let me get my mp3*
sing a song by Keith Urban ' Once in a life tome' country music of course