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Sorry. This story is unfinished. The author is having to close this thing.
What will happen when a time lord,and teacher/Archeologist and a high functioning sociopath meet? find out in my book SherlockWhoJones
Note: I do not own the characters in this story they are owned by BBC and Lucasfilm  
For the pass of full years....

Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant, Sanjay Patel and Karl Pilkington.
Dthis is not a anime or manga but a show i watch called Doctor who and it will be a crossover with Indiana Jones
Idk what to put this story in a category...Sorry -_-

London and Kenny were dragged by a mysterious creature that appear in a hole kenny saw and landed in a place called Haven City
Orochimaru finds a way to heal his arms thanks to the help of a certain mysterious man. The devilish man makes a deal with Orochimaru: If Orochimaru kills a certain girl, he will become unstoppable.
On the first day of school at the not-so-secret secret school for anime/cartoon characters, two powerful young toons meet each other for the first time.
The not-so-secret secret school for anime/cartoon characters is heading out for their annual class trip until it all goes horribly wrong. Izaya is amused as is Sebastian, but Seto's just annoyed.
Seto Kaiba is having trouble with some homework... who better to help him than the best tutor on campus, and roommate, Sebastian Michaelis (Warning: OOCness is almost absolute... I apologize)
A LinkxKagome one-shot - He loved her when he first saw her, even if he was only 11 at that time. And his love for her continued to grow. He was even able to say I love you. But what would her answer be?
In which the Homestuck characters are descendents of the Final Fantasy 7 heroes.
Twelve days of Christmas with my characters; Nikura, Kyriean, Mikura Uchiha, Kyrie Sohma, Moira from Ouran High, Hakura, Joanne Motomichi, Cameron, Inri, Moira from Naruto and Mika. The last chapter will be the longest chapter. Enjoy and comment!
Just some one-shots that might turn into a somewhat crappy crossover xD

All characters © rightful owners
This is about How Karma bites Haseo in the @$$ :P
This is my fanfic "The truth is revealed". It's a crossover between the mangas Vampire Knight, Rust Blaster, Bloody Kiss and Blood Soul. OHSHC and Shiki will also make an appearance.
Hope you like it. Please comment.
What if Haruhi had read Shakugan no Shana and thought, just for a moment, of what would happen if Flame Hazes were real?
A mix of Shakugan no Shana and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.
"I never would've thought that my life would be different" thought 16 year old Apple Granger as she looks back at the past. "When everything changed"
Haruhi Fujioka starts off to a new school... for cartoon characters. This is where they learn to become one with their inner toon and find where they belong before they get adopted to a show. Then someone begans posioning the toons. Can it be stopped?
In retrospect, chasing Tomo in a bus Yukari was driving was a more Tomo-worthy idea than any other sane person''s.
this is the bio and songs and short parts of the final try for wars in about i dont know how many goes i am combining allot of my favorite stories so enjoy this should be my best yet!
Abused by the head of her family, Rin Sohma turns to a well-known website for a way out... All she needs to do is untie the red string.
reasons why some GA characters are or worse then azumanga characters
The boys fall in love with the new student and the girls are not happy about this at all. Can they stop her before it''s too late.

This is a South Park/Darkstalkers crossover.