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Chapter 2 - Making Decisions

Just a dream I had a while ago...yeah. it was bugging me so i decided to write it. Enjoy and Comment please!

Chapter 2 - Making Decisions

Chapter 2 - Making Decisions
"Melanie!" I shouted as I ran. Melanie, the girl with her hair tied back with a peach colored bow, a some what frilly peach colored dress, looked up form the cup of tea she was drinking. "Oh, Amreen! It's you! Thank god you came!" She cried. "Okay, mel. Is it just me, or are you wearing a DRESS?!?! I cannot believe what I'm seeing right now." I said. "Shut up, look at yourself, Hiedi." Melanie muttered. "Well it could be worse..." I started. "Oh, and just how is that?" She asked triumphly. "I could be stuck here, AND look like you!" I laughed. "THAT DOES IT!" She shouted as she threw a light blue pillow at me. It hit me, square in the face. I gasped. "Oh, no you Di-in't" I said. "Ya, I did! Whatcha gonna do 'bout Hiedi?" She said. "This!" I yelled as I threw I bigger, bluer pillow at her, since she had her back to me, it hit the back of her head. She breathed in and was about to say something, but then for some reason, she started giggling. Not a nervous ha-ha kind of giggling, A kind of, OMG! ha-ha giggle. Well, what ever took control of her, took control of me too. Within five minutes, we were on all fours laughing, our noses almost touching the floor.Then we heard a throat clear. We looked up, faces red from laughing too hard, as well as embarrassment. Anyways, we looked up to find, none other than Kyo and Yuki, standing side by side, looking at us like we were a couple of crazies that escape from the mental hospital. "Oh, Kyo!" Melanie gasped as she stood up. She blushed a deep shade of red, it was actually pretty funny, her face was the color of pomegranite juice. " Ummm, well, you see, we, er, I , um, heh." I stuttered. All of a sudden the two burst out laughing. "Oh god!" Melanie and I both whispered. Shigure came in and saw the two boys on the ground. "My, this is a surprise!" He said. Then he turned to us and said "Well, I take it you two already know about the Jyuunishi thing? Hmmm?" We both nodded in agreement, and then he said, "Well then , Hatori will be here soon to question you girl. Don't worry, he's not gonna erase your mind. By the way, are you two in high school?" He asked with glittering eyes. Kyo and Yuki got up and both of them gave a bop on the head. "Pervert, asking girls that...Jeez!" They muttered as the three of them left the room. We, not knowing what to do, just sat at the little table and waited. After about 15 to 20 minutes, a man with his hair, a little infront of his straight, unemotional face came in, followed be a happy little blond boy. We knew who it was and we were scared silly of what he would do...


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CoStanleyQueen5 on January 22, 2007, 4:57:39 AM

CoStanleyQueen5 on
CoStanleyQueen5ooooh.... If I comment will you continue this? Please do! I want to know what happens next!!!!!! 'Tis exciting!!!!!

firehead on January 13, 2007, 12:50:46 PM

firehead on

ZTTB on January 7, 2007, 11:42:47 AM

ZTTBTHIS . . . . . . . IS . . . . . . . AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >_<

AmmyK on January 7, 2007, 12:36:33 AM

AmmyK on
AmmyKSorry it it's too short, I wanna get comments though!