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"You're warm." He said. "But why are you cold?" She asked.
just a random story i thought up in tennis class-i thought it might be kinda cool and i love fruits basket so...i have only read a few books so this sorta started on the 4th volume and the the story is the same as the book has been so far.
A bond, forged by hardship, sparks a fire that would not be doused. An ageold curse, creates pain and suffering, the love shared between two boys and a girl, forbidden by fate. Completed!
A whole 50 chapters!
Lin moves to the town and we meet two new members of the Sohmas. you will soon find out who was ment to be together event though i don't really like the couples this only made since!
Hello! I'm Ayu! This reveals for the first time the secrets behind the 3-way (and more) calling of the Sohmas. Please read! Hilarious!
Teh funneh! I showed this to meh Furuba-Obsessed friend (Carlotta) and she practically passed out! PLEASE read! I put meh heart and soul into this!
Just a dream I had a while ago...yeah. it was bugging me so i decided to write it. Enjoy and Comment please!
When Jordan[a girl] comes to the Sohma's house, Yuki is overhelmed to see his twin sister again. But... the Yuki fan club has something planned for Jordan, so Kyo is put in charge of protecting her. Sooner Kyo falls in loveher even though she is blind. Can they keep a relationship if Yki doesn't know? Jordan feels guilty, Yuki has no clue, Shigure trys to make-out with Jordan*giggle*, everything is chaos! [Oh, and Shigure succeeds at one point!*giggle*]
Meet Sakura Sohma, Yuki's twin sister with a sad past and odd sides.
Silly little fic, inspired when I got a poetry book for my birthday. ^_^ Kagura writes poetry. None too good poetry, but meh. I may do other characters if you comment! *hinthint*
Tohru-chan's cousin moves back to Japan after moving to New York becuase of her mother and aunt Kyokos tragic deaths.What will happen when she learns the Sohma family secret and is she anything like Tohru or a pollar opposite?And what happens when their c
After a string of coincidences, Tohru Honda finds herself at college, never having met the Sohmas. Who will she meet there? hmmm... *evil grin*
What happens when Sirius wins an all expense paid trip to Japan and it there hosts just happen to be Ayame,Hatori,and Shigure find out here! Being a H.P fan and
a Furuba will be essential for this story!
Yuki has fallen in love with a new girl in his class but he has to keep quiet about the curse. Can he keep his curse under wraps or will Sassy find out? YukiOC
Tohru Honda is living happily with Kyo, Yuki, and Shigure. Their lives are the same as usual, and nothing can go wrong. But, when a new girl comes to school and befriends Tohru, she ends up learning the Sohma family secret!
Who is this new Sohma? Why does she look so much like Hatori? More importantly, is Kyo in LOVE WITH HER?!?!
Just a little thing I did during some spare time. Hatori gets a call and one thing leads to another and Hatori is faced with a problem.
yes he wants to rule
Akito made a mistake and fell in love. One day, his lover bumped into Hatori and found out about the curse. She couldn't take it and wished she could forget all about it. She got her wish the next day. Akito wondered what to do with the
Uhmm... just a regular story about Tohru Honda and the terrible secret of the Sohma Family cure
This is a story of me traviling the world and i get to meet the Sohmas
So fluffy, it purrs! A KyoXSaki, YukiXTohru, ShigureXHimself(joking), and i dunno who else fic. Mostly KyoXSaki
Three random little Fruits Basket papagraph-long stories I made up.. Each has it's own little meaning behind it, and I think they're kinda cute.. Please comment! ^^