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Chapter 1 - Pronunciation Guide

A list or pronunciations of the names of the characters and places for "Arasya." Please forgive me if the way I wrote the pronunciation doesn't make much sense, but this is my first pronunciation guide, so I gave examples of how the words sound.

Chapter 1 - Pronunciation Guide

Chapter 1 - Pronunciation Guide
GlossaryPronunciation Guide 
There are so many character names and places in thisstory, that I thought that I should list them all here. Due to the spelling ofmost of the names and places, the pronunciation can be hard and therefore thename or place can be pronounced incorrectly. The names of the places areoriginal but some of these names are from other languages, such as Latin andOld English, and the way the pronunciation is written may be incorrect; othernames were suggested to me via the computer and therefore the way the pronunciationof the name is written may not be correct as well. I apologize if any of thesenames are mispronounced, but these are the ways I would like the namespronounced.
Adalia of Syndaris—Uh-dah-lee-uh; Sihn-darr-iss
Ares— Arr-ess
Azshiu— Ah-zhee-uu (zh asin fiction)
Bain— Bain (ai as in rain)
Belen— Bell-ehn
Gallowy— Gaal-oh-ee (aal asin pal)
Hector— Heck-tehr (ehr asin sister)
Keyon of Teraas— Kai-ehn (ehn asin end); Tair-ahs
Kiyera Anymar— Kee-yair-uh (yairas in air); Ahn-eh-marr
Kyra of Castell— Keer- uh (eeras in ear); Caas-tehll (aa as in castle; eh asin tell) 
Lamar— Luh-marr
Lawrence— Loar-uhnce (ce asin pace)
Marius— Marr-ee-uhs
Mira— Meer-uh 
Palmer— Pahl-mehr (ahl asin all)
Ramyna— Rah-meh-nuh
Sarmin— Sarr-mehn
Sarya— Sarr-ee-uh
Shyra Sera— Sheer-uh; Sair-uh
Trisaria Arimaria—Trih-sarr-ee-uhArr-eh-marr-ee-uh
Waite— Wai-eht (eht as inmet)
Wyndham— Wind-ham
Xyza of Darzsa— Zhee-zuh;Darr-suh
Ypae— Ee-pay
Hasarii— Huh-sarr-ee
Shioa— Shee-oh-uh


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