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A short story I wrote a while back which kind of came to my mind soon after learning what "Xenoglossia" meant (it means the contentious and rare phenomena of suddenly being able to speak a language that one has had no previous experience in).
A collection of random short stories I have written over the years. Many contain theming, but there's the occasional fun and light-hearted ones in here too. Enjoy.
This is another thing I did for my English Writing class. We were supposed to base it around a "character" and use that "character" rather than a plot or scene to draw interest from the reader.
A story that I wrote for my final assignment for English Writing at school. Looking back on it, it's really not that good. Can't believe I got an HA on it.

I thought the idea behind it was pretty good at the time, but does anyone get it?
I will not place summery this was a project for school I am bringing down the rating of a story I originally posted on another site and posting here to access it from school and also for people who want to read a tuned down version
I made a story I thought I'd upload here, but was too lazy to translate! D: So a big thanks to varg who translated it for me! :3
Halloween and the secret to a world bidden with mystery
A sad text.
My favorite bed time story. <3

Along with my rendition of the story through poetry. c:
A stoory I maade... (please tell me if I spell wrong)
So this is planned to be about a girl and guy on opistite sides of the world, living two different lives. Offline and online. Hope this works out well. Message me what you think and I will get back to you.
During spring break, Jade decides to earn volunteer hours at a childeren''s mental health centre. However, a shocking discovery could change her life forever.
It weighed heavy on her mind!!! What was this feeling?
just a bunch of short storys, if you want to know the story behind any of them just ask
Its a want not a need.
no its true. i rlly am bored a poo.
This is all my short stories and things from my classes, and what I've done on my own.

All characters used in these are © to me, unless noted otherwise.

A little poem quote thing I wrote one day
Today, I shall write a story.
Stumped on what to draw? Take a look at some of my random Ideas! Yay! The ratings are for later when I suggest wierder stuff ._O

Ps: I was bored.
Its a story i made up! this is only the first chapter!
its a lot of writing xD and it has realistic deaths...the base part of the story isn't even done yet xD so u cant make a summary of it from the first chapter xD
a girl is hunted by a vampire
Just an idea I had, lemme know what you think.

And btw I borrowed the bad guys from actual myths lol

Also please make sure to check out the Q&A section (for background info on Hellfire), I'll be updating it periodically.
This is a story I recently thought up.
A game inspired me to make this.
a girl is left on an island with no family