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Chapter 2 - Was this temeptation or Confrontaion?

ok the first chapter that explains a LOT about sadie is here! the first few chapters are in here point of view, but It does change i promise. Her story is a sadi one U.U ANyways i hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 2 - Was this temeptation or Confrontaion?

Chapter 2 - Was this temeptation or Confrontaion?
Ch2-That poor kid. He was shocked to see me cry. I must’ve freaked him out a bit. Al was the first person to ever treat me so kindly so I really wasn’t as used to it, as in nature it seemed to come to him. So, after my litle episode I was fine. Well fine until Al had to introduce me to his brother….Edward. Al pulled me along with him to the yard where Edward and winry were playing. I knew who they were but I didn’t care to find out at the time, but I suppose it was necessary if I was going to live with the two of them. He stopped in front of his brother and with a huge smile said: “ Ed I finally got her to play with me!” and without missing a beat he replied with an:“ so you finally got it to talk huh?” I knew that he already wasn’t very “fond” of me but that was no reason for him to refer to me as a “thing!” “ Ed! Be nice!”“ Whaaaat?! She’s always so stiff I can’t tell if she’s a doll or a human!” winry hit him on the head, as the three of them bickered over Edwards manners towards me. I thought to myself: What an idiot! A complete loser! I may have been a shy little girl, but I think that was the day that ended.“ HEY! I am a human being! It’s not nice to refer to people as objects!” I paused. Now that I think about it both of us were extremely childish….but hey we were only five years old! He looked up at me then, stubbornly crossed his arms and turned away in a huff of breath.“ Well maybe if you would talk to me I wouldn’t have said that!” I guess this isn’t what you’d call a normal relationship, but this was ed and I’s……and looking back at it, he was the only person I talked to like this.“ how on earth am I supposed to talk to you if I can’t see your face?” I snapped back gesturing that I couldn’t see him.“ ARE YOU CALLING ME SMALL?!”“I ain’t calling you for dinner!” It was the most anyone had heard me speak since I had came to Resembol, and I was making a complete idiot out of myself. A few days went by and ed and I still weren’t used to each other. Crack after crack we would make at each other. And I’ll never forget the time ed, al ,and I were picking tomatoes from Trisha’s garden with her. That boy really didn’t like me and I had absolutely no interest in him what so ever. I really enjoyed his brother, and mother’s company though. Its funny how a person recollects most of his or her life. I can only recollect the least important things. He looked at me and grinned. I didn’t like that grin. “ Hey Sadie, I bet if you stand still enough you could pose as a scarecrow.” He started to snicker. Ouch that really hurt!I was getting really fed up with his little boyish attitude. I may have been young but I was not going to settle for such rudeness, so I picked a tomato and chucked it at the back of his head. He shot forward, and i was pleased with my perfect shot. " YOU BRAT! THAT HURT!" he shouted at me. I stuck my tounge out at him, and replied:" you''re the brat! you should learn to keep your big fat mouth SHUT once in a while!" HE gritted his teeth and returned fire. I managed to just barely escape the rotten tomateo. Drowning out edward''s yelling directed and me,and trisha, and al''s yelling that was directed towards edward, I stopped and thought to myself..." why aren''t I gettting upset? should I? Shouldn''t i be trying to kill this little boy? just like the other one 2 years ago? Somethings different about this one....he''s so mean but.....i don''t want to hurt him. no. I don''t want to hurt him..." The tomatoe i was aiming towards him slipped out of my hands, and exploded onto the ground. It was a very complex feeling for me, and I couldn''t understand being that i was only five, but I didn''t want to hurt these boys, which i know i normally would after getting this mad. My head started to pound and i was frightend by the thoughts plusating through my head. I bent forward( bowing) and yelled towards the golden hair" I''M SORRY." without any further warning i ran off. I wasn''t sure if i was happy or sad,but i did know how confused I was. I hated him! he was so rude! He didn''t like me, and i didn''t like him, and he made me so mad, but why didn''t my anger come out? I don''t want to hurt him, but i wondered why i didn''t......did i like him? No i hate him, but....I sat down underneath the tree that i always would sit underneath. I couldn''t take much more of this...It''s too much for a child my age to bear. I couldn''t think straight and my head felt like it was about to explode. I burried my face in my knees , and started whincing when i heard the crunch of two feet next to me in the grass. I looked up and there was golden hair all covered in tomaeto juice staring at me." w..What do you want.?" He sat down next to me suprisingly. i scooted over away from him a little. I didn''t want him near me, at the time i thought it was because i was mad at him, but now i think it was because i didn''t want to hurt him." you don''t gotta apologize ok?" ha. I remember how he talked back then. He didn''t have much of a volcabulary....come to think of it he doesn''t now. I looked at him suprisingly."huh? so what are you saying sorry to me?" I scoffed. " well it doesn''t matter I threw the stinky tomater." ( I didn''t have much of a volcab either.)I looked it him through the corner of my eye."''sides you hate my guts."" That''s not true!!" he yelled at me as if he was trying desperatley to get a " point" across. His face turned bright pink. wow. i thought. " what a freak" as if i had any right to talk....." I''m just not used to living with a girl,and you kinda freaked me out, ''cus you never talked to me!" Well i supposed i did add to the weirdness by ignoring everyone, but him." Well i''m just shy ok?" He paused briefly." I''m sorry i''ll stop being mean, but I was just trying to be your friend!" I was shocked....another friend already? and why ME?" Why....i thoguht you were afraid of me?" He amazed me once again. He did somethign that i wasn;t expecting in the least.....he smiled at me." I was just shy! I''m sorry i guess i was a little bit mean but It''s true! your already al''s friend.'' sides who wouldn''t want to get to know a purrty girl like you?" i''m pretty??? ok this kid was confusing me....was he kidding? He must''ve because he was laughing..... He kneeled so he was eye-level with me once agian." Let''s start over again ok?" he held out his hand. " i''m ed! your new friend."i stared blankly at his hand. He began to laugh." you shake it!" So i took his hand and shook it. " i''m sadie....." I felt weird....i felt my heart drop into my stomach and I couldn''t figure out why....I...was happy...i had friends for the first time. Now i remember that the next 2 years were the greatest....until My mother had to leave again to visit my father shortly after ariving at remsembol( which i think was when nina was born), and my most frequently asked question was answered..." When is mom coming back from daddy''s?"


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AllisonPO on July 7, 2006, 3:27:12 AM

AllisonPO on
AllisonPOAh, I can't stop reading this, you jerk! It hurts my eyes but I can't stop! @_@;;; You'sa brainwashing me, ain't you?
Anywho, sweet chapter, love the exlpanation on Sadie's inner turmoil.