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omg eds a gummy bear
Clair steals her dad's identity and becomes, Milo Dupri, Roy is the first to find out Milo is really a girl but he keeps her secret.
Meanwhile, Ed is confused, "Am I gay?" whe he realizes his feelings towards Milo is actualy pure Love
Honestly, it started being a DanaXGreed story, but the pairing changed to Roy. This is an intercept, not the actual story, as the beginning of the story really really sucks. (I'll add the story if someone actually likes it)
Charity is my homunculus, whose power like thing is absorption, and it's also written in first person, because i fail at third, and also second. (A friend of mine tried to get me to write a story between her and Edward in second person, lol).
Random fanfic with DanaXRoy (Dana=me, therefore it's written in first person). Oh yeah and i need to edit it, some parts make no sense, i just had left them in there because i went through a fortnight long writer's block. lol
I couldn't resist posting this one, I typed it during the days I spent being bored at night...
Perhapse i should have slept instead?

Oh well; the story is EdXWin so it don't matter. ^-^
I couldn't think of a good title. This story has some Naruto in it.
Hope you like it!
Edward and Alphonse go tho college allong with the onther characters from FMA what will happen?
Desprete for the Philosipher's stone, Dameon and Jamie set out to find it, Dameon has a prosthetic arm and leg and Jamie's soul is bound to a suit of armor much like Alphone's only smaller. The sisters meet up with Elrics...
Instead of Al and Ed it is Ed and Winry on a journey to get back Al's body from the gate. Both Winry and Ed are state Alchemists.
Content HOTNESS!!!!!

Elricest!! [Ed x Al]
erm, something i did when i was bored, a series of questions regarding Science and Alchemy. quiz yourself! its fun...i think....
Story about my character and my sister's character. Kinda angsty, but who cares? Anyway, I hope you all enjoy it.
Vampires, Demons, a 3rd world, When Heisan Al and ed get thrown in to a demon infested world what new threats will they face. Eventually AlXALXOC rated for violence lang and sexual themes in l8r chapers AU/AR,Bi,F/M/M,Lime,OC,WIP
ever wondered if your obsessed with fullmetal alchemist? ever? heres the chance to find out. if you get more than 90% then youre thoroughly obsessed and need to have a payrise.
THIS IS YAOI! royed. please comment, its my first one on fma, and i wanna know how i did.
This is what happens when a crazed fangirl makes a FMA script for random FMA characters. What exactly is a 'sex pie'? Why is Roy playing a randome instument? Why is scar having a 2 man party with Al? FIND OUT HERE!!!!
*warning, may contain some spoilers*
General Days Of Passion.
The FMA soap opera where everyone is OOC!
Get it? (GENERAL hospital, DAYS of our lives, and PASSIONs)
This is a story my friend and I are writing.
When Al finds a niko called Natasha they become friends and in return the philosopher stone but what will ed think?and what will he think of the relationship that has formed between them?
A love story about a girl named Kimera meeting Ed. Everyday fanfic X3
ok the first chapter that explains a LOT about sadie is here! the first few chapters are in here point of view, but It does change i promise. Her story is a sadi one U.U ANyways i hope you enjoy it!
Set after the final episode. Alphonse packs his bag preparing to leave with his sensei, Izumi Curtis to relearn alchemy in order to find his brother, Edward. Winry ask him how he can still hold onto the hope.
Drabble. RoyxHavoc. Havoc hasn't been able to get a date, and he's a little upset with a certain someone because of that.
Here comes Angel!!!!!!!!!!! angel? Angel? (laugh) Must read story!!!!!!!!!!! Probably the last story on Full Metal Alchemist!!!!!!!!!!!