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Chapter 3 - Repition

ok the first chapter that explains a LOT about sadie is here! the first few chapters are in here point of view, but It does change i promise. Her story is a sadi one U.U ANyways i hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 3 - Repition

Chapter 3 - Repition
That question always poped up. I always felt guilty for dumoing such a hard question trish to answer, but it wasn't exactly conforatble always wondering where the person closest to your heart is. So everday other day repetedly i would ask her the same question. " whens my mommy coming home?", and to my suprise she would never losoe her pateints with me, and sweetly tell me she wasn't sure, but never to give up hope.
" She'll be home someday soon. Don't you worry."
I would always take that to heart. Somedays, being caught up in playing with ed ,and al made me forget about how worried i was about her. They usually made my problems go away. Which to me, was such a releif, i've had too much weight on my shoulders, and they atleast lifted it an inch or two off. The day i stoped asking about my mother i had a very odd sinking feeling that something bad would happen, but i got distracted as usual. I was outside a little further away from the house sitting on the fence, looking out at the sunset, just think to my self, i miss her! why hasn't she come back for me? i want to see my little sister! I guess i was just being selfish. Ed, and al came running towards me. They must've been hyper or something that day because without warning they attacked me from behind, and i came crashing down off the fence.
" OWWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwWWWWW! what was that for?!"
al was already up in the background somewhere dancing around like a metaly challenged ballerina. Why were thye so happy?! Ed looked at me with that odd, almost evil looking grimace. When i think about it ed, and i were quite the potty mouths back then.
" What the hell is THAT all about."
" are you up for a little challege?" I swayed me hips to the side a little, and crossed my arms, returning the half-hearted challenge grimace
" depends, what exactly did you have in mind?" i grinned inside. I knew whatever he challenged me too i would except it either way.
" I want a race, all the way down the hill to the pond." He pointed out to the horizon. I could just barely see a blurred image of the pund under neath his index finger. I smiled again. I had gotten so much better at that.
" Gee i don't know aren't your legs a little stumpy to be racing?"
His face turned a very bright read. I'm almost 100 percent sure it was fury, rather then embarrassment. He gritted his teeth and stared at me.
" what.....whats wrong? You coward?" I didn't find it that insulting seeing as how he had to use all his energy to say that, seeing as the last comment completely demolished him. I snickered:
" ALRIGHT i accept your challnge! What happens if i win?" He paused for a moment and looked around.
" If you win, you can have the last cookie in the cookie jar." I looooooved trisha's cookies. they always put me in a good mood.
" Alright your on." We took our stances , and at the sound of al's voice, READY.........SET...........GO!!!
We both bolted off, my mind was focused in on that cookie. I wanted it so bad i was salavating Ed was not to far behind me, when all of a sudden i saw a short little blur of a person, he past me! i wasn't going to stand for that, so i triped him, and he went tumbling down the hill and i past him, I felt odd, watching him tumble down the hill did something to me, my lungs felt bigger, and my stomach started to hurt, I started laughing, Obnoxously, loudly, and uncontrollably. When we finally got to the pond i started to laugh so hard tears where pouring down my face. It just wouldn't stop, my stomach hurt but i loved it. When ed finally rolled next to me, he stood up, dirt covered, and clenching his fists.
" WHAT THE HELL YOU CHEATED YOU CHEATER!!!!" He paused and looked at me, along with al, who came to my side. I was STILL laughing uncontrolabley. my face was red i thought my lungs would give out. They echanged glances, and then looked at me. They gave each other looks of disbelife. Was she laughing? i've never actually seen her laugh like this before.
When i finally stopped, ed decided he was goign to yell at me some more. He must have really wanted that cookie, because he still wont let me live it down. Even though i ended up sharing it with him. When we went back into the house trish was waiting for us at the door. she had a very sadden, almost disgusted look on her face.
" Edward, Alphonse would you please go clean off before dinner?" they noded and smiled walking away. I made an attempt to follow them, but she garbed my shoulders.
" Sadie. i have something to tell you." i looked up at her suprisingly.
" Is it about mom?" she gave me a half-hearted smile, and nodded her head. A big Grinn spread across my face.
" Is she coming home?" she grimaced at me, and shook her head.
" Sadie...your mother is dead."
I love you
And you're crushing my heart
I need you
Please, take me into your arms

When love and death embrace
When love and death embrace
When love and death embrace
When love and death embrace
When love and death embrace
When love and death embrace -------H.I.M
I looked at her for the longest time. My eyes were looked on hers. I looked up at her and with a crakcled voice said:
"I won't see her...any more." She nodded and cradled me
" i'm so sorry."
For the next few days, i became my older self again. I was expressionless, and distant. From what i remember, i did not cry. I still havn't.


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Atashi on May 19, 2007, 2:20:08 AM

Atashi on
AtashiLOL i havn't updated this story in AGES, but upon re-reading it and boredem i wanted to add a new chapter ^^