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Chapter 2 - Past, Present and Pain.

How could your heart be so set on believing in the past that when a friend doubts someone you grew to love--your heart would literally break? well that is the lesson our Kitsune learned Today--Kurama  has a reality check by the hands of Hiei and a long l

Chapter 2 - Past, Present and Pain.

Chapter 2 - Past, Present and Pain.
Accidentally In Love Ch--2
Past, Present and Pain.

Disclaimer:I do NOT own Yu Yu Hakusho or any characters of Yu Yu Hakusho...Too bad though...tha'd be interesting...MWUAHAHAHA
" talking" 'thinking' 'telepathic conversation' XX view change XX " words of a song or talking on TV or radio "
XX Kurama's P.O.V XX
When we got back to Koenma's Hiei was still on the couch. surprisingly he had let Yuusuke and Kuwabara set on either side of him. Usually Hiei would have killed them. I sighed and shook my head as I looked around the room. Hiei probably didn't know Yuusuke and Kuwabara were sitting there. He was asleep. Hiei's head rested on Yuusuke's shoulder as he slept. Yuusuke didn't seem to mind as he watched TV. The show had switched from 'Yo Momma' to 'Next'. ' how long have we been gone? ' I looked over at Miyura who had leaned up against the edge of the couch, watching the show with slight intrest. I smiled but yawned before I managed to say anything. "Miyura, I'm going to go to sleep. I'll be in my room if you need me."I said before turning and walking up the stairs, my eyes scanned the floor of my room once I entered. Nothing seemed out of place so I slipped out of my clothes and into my pajamas before laying on my bed and quickly falling asleep.
XX Miyura's P.O.V. XX
        Once Kurama left I sighed and walked to where I was told I was supposed to stay. I opened the door and smiled at the darkness the room offered. I sat on the edge of the bed before turning on the radio to a random channel. The song I heard was a song that Kurama and I both loved. "If it wasn't for your own maturity none of this would have happened. If you weren't so wise beyond your years I would have been able to controll my-self. If it wasn't for my attention you wouldn't have been successfull and if it wasn't for me you wouldn't have ammounted to very much..."At that point I smiled to my-self and laid back, closing my eyes and quickly falling asleep.
XX Miyura and Kurama's Dreams Of The Past..aka...memories XX
        "Class--we have a new student today. Please welcome Miyura Takohashi to our school." Mr.Yukito said in an enthusiastic tone. Miyura bowed curtly to the class and stood up, coming nearly to the teacher's shoulder. At only 13 he should have been shorter. "Now..Uh...Shuichi! would you mind showing Mr.Miyura around the school?"Mr.Yukito looked to a boy with bright red hair and sparkling emerald eyes. "Of course, Sir. I'd be delighted."the boy, Shuichi, stood up and walked to the front of the class. "Now..Here's your pass so you can be in the halls.."Mr.Yukito gave Shuichi a peice of Paper with 'hall pass' written on it. Shuichi turned and motioned for Miyura to fallow, he did so. Once they were in the hall Kurama turned to Miyura and smiled. "Hello, I'm Shuichi Minamino, but my friends call me Kurama...I guess I'm showing you around the school so...let me see your schedule, please."Shuichi said politely. "uhm..yea..right.."Miyura pulled out a folded peice of paper and handed it to Shuichi who looked over it thoughtfully for a moment. "OH! this shouldn't be hard! my schedule is the same so I can just walk you to your classes!"Shuichi said enthusiastically. "great.."Miyura said shrugging. "So...lets see....OH! Mrs.Kioto is kind so you won't have to worry about her but if you get on Mr.Yahomato's bad side your in for a rough year..the other teachers are...acceptable unless you cause trouble so you should be fine." Shuichi explained. "'kay..."Miyura said boredly.
        After about the first week Miyura and Shuichi became closer. They walked home together and frequently hung out at the park and just talked the hours away. "Shuichi...y-your a really good friend so...c-can I..tell you something? It's..really important..."Miyura said shakilly. "Of course! you can tell me anything!"Shuichi said, setting so he was facing Miyura."My mother...has been in the hospital but...her condition isn't getting better and..she has supposedly been sick for some time and she was just hiding say she only has a few days left..and...I just..don't know what to do...Shuichi..I-I'll die if she leaves me.."Miyura's eyes clouded with tears as he looked into Shuichi's eyes. Shuichi's eyes widdened as his shoulders drooped. "if she...where"Shuichi sighed and gave up trying to talk as it seemed useless. "I don't know Shuichi..."Miyura wiped his eyes and stood up, clearing his throught. "I-I have to get to the hospital...I need to be with mom before she--"Miyura smiled sadly and walked away. That was the last time Shuichi saw his friend but he did send letters and call. In one letter Shuichi sent Miyura he made a confession that made Miyura feel very guilty. The letter read:
"Dearest Miyura,
        You haven't been at school for awhile. I'm getting really worried. Please--PLEASE return my calls or...letters or..Just let me know your okay. I hate the thought of loosing you so soon. The reason I'm writing this letter so soon after calling you-repeatedly- and sending other because I have something important to tell you. Incase we never do get to speak again I just wanted you to know that I am not who I told you I was. I am not 'Shuichi Minamino' I am Youko Kurama--or was Youko. I am a fox-demon who escaped the Makai into the body which I posess now. The baby I took over was supposed to be a explains the girlish features and all. But listen..well..more like read..but really. Your my best friend demon side..Youko..was telling me about you..saying you were also a demon...a demon of destruction who was once known as Bael...Bael and Youko used to be friends and thats why Youko thinks we got along as we have. I just wanted to tell you that--just in case.'s late and I have LOADS of home-work to catch up on. I hope to see you soon.
Good-bye for now, Miyura! call me or something, 'kay?!
Your friend,
        Kurama...aka Shuichi."
Time had passed but Kurama didn't hear from Miyura and he started to worry even more. Kurama's mind was left to wonder but the day came when he looked in the obituary and found that Miyura's mom had indeed died, as well as his father and two brothers. apparently his brothers and father died while on their way to the mother's funeral. Kurama felt so bad that he decided to pay a visit to Miyura's only to find the house deserted and trashed. 'Miyura...where are you?'
XX Back to the present XX
        Kurama and Miyura had both sat up and were panting heavily. "gods...why am I just now remembering this?!"Miyura cursed. Kurama stood up and ran to Miyura's room, knocking on his door quietly. Miyura got up and let Kurama in. "yes, Kurama?"he asked quietly. "uhm...M-miyura...about your...brothers..what happened to them?"Kurama asked hesitantly. "T-they..were killed. my 'fater' drove off the edge of a bridge when my brothers asked him to take them down to the place where Mother was barried. He agreed but..he was drunk. he shouldn't have drove but he did anyways and it cost his and my brothers lives...that was the day I decided to go on a walk so I couldn't have gone with them."Miyura explained simply, seeming not to care about it. "oh--I see...S-sorry.."Kurama sighed and looked at the ground. "Don't worry about it, Kurama. it's in the past and..well...I don't think you could have done anything to prevent any deaths that have happened to either of us."Miyura said reassuringly before he hugged Kurama. "it's should go back to sleep."Kurama yawned and nodded, turning and walking back to his room and falling back asleep in seconds but Miyura had a harder time. He burried his head in his pillow and pulled out a picture of him, his mother, and his two brothers. his mother was pregnant with a baby girl before she got sick and died. the baby couldn't be saved. Tears streamed down Miyura's cheeks. ' we were happy back then... ' he mused to him-self before slowly falling back into a deep sleep.


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