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Hiei is off duty from the Makai Patrol until he saved a girl from an attack, then he has a lot to find out... Pairings: HieiOC, YusukeKeiko, KuramaMaya from the YYH manga or Botan...still deciding... , KuwabaraYukina..
Another week of crazyness and romance.Plus the appearance of past lovers.+_+
OK...This may take me a while to publish since I have twelve chapters. All you have to do is find your Zodiac and the Character is already assigned to you. Enjoy!!
Micki Goes Crazy with her Chemistry set....
I'm in the Yu Yu Hakusho world... and the story begins on a bet. WARNING: REALLY STUPID!!!
Come journey into the mind of one Youko Kurama and learn the secret behind his favorite technique, the Rose Whip. Learn why the rose suits Kurama so well and why he favors it in the first place. (Complete)
[Songfic][One-shot] Maybe I should have told you the truth in the beginning. Perhaps that would have saved you from all of the suffering that I've put you through. In fact, you should hate me for all that I've done. So Mom, why do you continue to care, ev
How could your heart be so set on believing in the past that when a friend doubts someone you grew to love--your heart would literally break? well that is the lesson our Kitsune learned Today--Kurama  has a reality check by the hands of Hiei and a long l
After being brutally raped by Kazuma Kuwabara, Yukina is comforted and cared for by Hiei. Then she realizes, if she was going to tell Hiei how she really feels, it's now or nerver...
another parody of a moive. you might like this story if you a fan or like hiei and botan couples. oh and for kurama fans i know his character dies i don't hate kurama i just figure that would a diffrent role for kurama.
some new students arrive at hogwarts this year one who looks around her 20's and one with tall spiky black hair and red eyes.
The Toguros are teaching you what to do to become one of them.
A poem for each of the four heros
it's really cut fic about torchering jin and karama out of pure love
This is my version of what kind of punishment should Otouto get for being a dog on Ani. A Pandora Box twist
Ani's thoughts as he realizes his baby brother
won't come back to be at his side.
yusuke findes out he has a sister.
kyoshi Mitari has a problem, the end of humanity, he has an even bigger problem, his best friend getting involved. And the biggest problem yet: His best friend is his girlfriend.
Need I say anymore? Oto loses comtrol of himself, and it's not the only thing he loses. MUST READ!
Humans are becoming demons, Yusuke is flashing in and out of worlds, and all of the leaders of the realms are missing, and finally Hiei returns.
It's Christmas!^_^Jennifer is acting strange.See whats up.
Jennifer and Hiei switched!See if they can get threw a walk in each others shoes.+_+
This is a stroy of a young girl and an ice demon of noble birth falling in love. The girl finds out what she truly is and her adventure begins. Read to find out more.
Hiei ponders over this thing humans love so much and so he searches for answers.
This is what happens when you go golfing with Hiei and Kurama and a weirdo.