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Chapter 2 - A long,borning, and unassrary Speach

A kid one day finds out he has turned into a Mudkip and hast to survive as a pokemon rescue team!

Chapter 2 - A long,borning, and unassrary Speach

Chapter 2 - A long,borning, and unassrary Speach



Butterfree: Help!Help!

Samantha and Dylan: What Happened!

Butterfree: It is my son help him!

Rich: Okay, but what happened?

Butterfree: Okay,Caterpie and me were going home when.....

Rick in mind: Blah,Blah,Blah

Butterfree:.....a hole broke under his feet!

Dylan: Oh,No!

Butterfree: I would go help him but I am too weak to fight!

Dylan: Wait, why would you fight pokemon?

Butterfree:They started to attack me when I first tried to help Caterpie!

Samantha: They Attacked!

Butterfree: Yes,but don't worry you can defeat them they are only Wumple,Pidgey,and Sunkurn!Oh yeah and Eggecute!

Samantha:Okay with my fire attacks I will defeat them with one hit mabye two!

Dylan: that is not funny Wumples and Pidguys can defeat me!

Rick: And Sunkern and Eggicute can defeat me but it is okay lets go!

Butterfree: Be careful!


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