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Jun, the Riolu, has stumbled upon Treasure Town running from his fears. He decides to become an apprentice at Wigglytuffs Guild, hoping he will be protected. Join him as he prepares to destroy the dangers of the world, one way or another.
It''''s hard for Rachael, a Mudkip with Asperger Syndrome. Rae is "gone," and people begin to tease her, but she meets her new friends, Ellie and Jon, along the way!
Rated 12+
Based on on the original Christmas Carol. Its my first story, so don't expect it to be all totally awesome. Soooo..... yeah. Read your head off! XD
The ones not on lv 100 i'm raising and i'm looking for tms Suggestions are very welcome MERRY CHRISTMAS
This isn't a guide to getting through the whole game, just bits of info that i can't seem to find anywhere else and i feel are useful. Updates when i find something new.
Just in case anybody wants to see my progress in any of my pokemon games, i have it down here. It may not be completely up to date but pretty close most likely.
A story about a girl who gets brought from the real world, into the pokemon world. Placed in the Henna Region, see gallery pictures for details.
A funny story about when Pikachu gets drunk. Notice this actually takes place around E3 2007. Update: I will be making a new story about someone getting drunk soon. If you want to, tell me who you think the next "victim" should be!
This is my Pearl team
George Vincent is a 19 year old Pokemon trainer who died one morning in Viridian Forest. Although his life was short, his stories were plentiful.
A kid one day finds out he has turned into a Mudkip and hast to survive as a pokemon rescue team!
This is,as the title says,my team off my LeafGreen version.PLEASE READ AND COMMENT!!!*gives out cookies*
A guide to all Gym Leaders plus tips on the Elite 4 and Steven!
A young trainer finds himself in a entirely new situation and way of life after a night that started like all others...