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Chapter 3 - The Rescue (Floor One and 2)

A kid one day finds out he has turned into a Mudkip and hast to survive as a pokemon rescue team!

Chapter 3 - The Rescue (Floor One and 2)

Chapter 3 - The Rescue (Floor One and 2)


                                                                                        Tiny Woods   Floor One



Dylan: Samantha, you get in front then, you Rick I'll be in the back so  uhhhh... I can see enemy in the back!

Samantha: Cry Baby you just want to be in the back so pokemon in front won't hurt you!

Rick: Yeah!

Pidgey: Pidgey! ( used Peck on Dylan )

Dylan: Ahhh!

*runs away*

Samantha: Rick, stay here and beat up Pidgey!

Rick: K!

Samantha: Dylan!Come Back you coward!!!!!

Dylan: No!

Rick:( used Tackle on Pidgey )

voice: 21 damage on Pidgey

Pidgey:Ow! (in mind Who said that?) (Defeated)

Rick:Loo Loo Loo Loo!

Vioce:Pidgey defeated!And What is with that corny battle cry!

Rick: I felt like it!

Samantha:Dylan!Come back!

Dylan: No!


Dylan: No!

Samantha: Dylan, Wait Stop!There is stairs in your way!

Dylan:No!Wait, Ow!

*Samantha and Dylan go up stairs*

*Rick gets sucked up to the next floor*

                                                                                  Tiny Woods Floor Two

Rick: Ow! Next time wait for me I wemt though the floor and it hurt!




Rick: Shut it!

Samantha: Hey you are a Wurple!Die!

Wurple: Ahhhh!

Rick: (In Mind)Wait! the stairs Ha Ha! Now they will get hurt!

*Rick Go's up stairs*

*Samantha and Dylan get hurt!*



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