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Chapter 4 - The Rescue!!

A kid one day finds out he has turned into a Mudkip and hast to survive as a pokemon rescue team!

Chapter 4 - The Rescue!!

Chapter 4 - The Rescue!!


                                                                   Tiny Woods Floor Three                                 

Dylan: Ow it does hurt!

Rick: Baby!

Samantha: That is my line!

Dylan: Thiis confent!

Samantha: What your spelling!        

Dylan: No!The stairs are right there!

Rick: That is odd!


Dylan,Samantha, and Rick: What!

Eggicute:You will fight me!

Pidgey:Amd Me

Sunkern: And Me!

Dylan:Samantha and Rick, you can I will wait!


*Picks up Dylan and throws at enemy

Rick:Lets go will he dies!

Samantha:Fine with me!

Dylan: Ow Ow Ow Ow OW!! It hurts!!

Pidgey:I know!

Eggicute: You are hurting him.

Pidgey:I know!

Samantha: Lets leave him!!

Sunkern:  There goes his friends!!

Pidgey:I know!

Dylan:  How dare they leave me!!

Pidgey: MWahahahahahaahaha!!

Sunkern and Eggicute: Ha Ha?

                                                                               Tiny Woods

Caterpie:Mommy!Help me!

Samantha:We have come to help you!

Caterpie: Okay!

Buterfree:Thank you for saveing Caterpie! Wait were is Dylan!

Samantha: I think he died!!

Butterfree: oooooooooooooooooooooook

Caterpie:Awwwwwwwww!! So sad!!Thanks for recure me!

Samantha:Your welcome!

Samantha:Rick you did good if you don't have a place to stay then you canlive in the houe in the middle of mine and Dylan's!


Dylan:I'm back!

Samantha:What happened to you

Dylan:I got beaten whipped spanked and ate dinner.

Rick and Samantha: HA HA!!

Dylan: Do want to know what else happened?


Samantha: Whatever......

Dylan:Okay,  I allmost died because.............


Dylan:That is what happened!

Samantha  HA HA!!


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