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Chapter 3 - Friendships

Jun, the Riolu, has stumbled upon Treasure Town running from his fears. He decides to become an apprentice at Wigglytuffs Guild, hoping he will be protected. Join him as he prepares to destroy the dangers of the world, one way or another.

Chapter 3 - Friendships

Chapter 3 - Friendships
A few hours went by when a Pichu and a Pikachu came through the doorway. They gave Jun a weird look, but he disregarded it. "Jun," Wigglytuff started, "say hello to your new team!" Everyone looked startled. A few momens went by when the two newcomers broke the silence by tackling Jun playfuly, laughing. "Yay!" they screamed. "We get a new friend!" Strangly enough, they spoke at the same time. A little book fell from his opened bag. "Oooh!" the Pichu exclaimed. She reached for the book, opening it and quickly examining him from time to time. Jun got annoyed real quick and snacthed the book back from her. "I would rather you dont look... please?" He informed the Pichu. "Also, who are you!? I would like to know the people Im gonna live with... if that's okay?"
"Thats fine" the Pikachu responded. "My names Yena, the Pikachu! And this is Piko, the Pichu and my sister. And you are?"
"Jun, the Riolu with no family." He was trying to get some sympathy from these two. "Also, can you please get off of me?" He asked, calmly. They let off of his nearly broken body, stood up and put pushed the book back in his bag.
"Alright, lets get down to bisnuess." Wigglytuff broke in. "First, what is your new team name?" The three pondered over it a minuite, but they were all thinking the same thing, "Team Sapphire!"
"Team Sapphire, ok" He turned back around for a moment then swinged back around, nearly throwing a box at them. "WOO-PAH! This is you starter kit! Go ahead, take a look in it! It wont bite!" Piko stepped and swinged the box open. Inside, there was an explorers bag, a Map, and a Red bow. "Follow Chatot down to your room. Take a rest there then report here tommorow. Hope you have fun here! WOO-PAH!" He danced back around while Chatot came towards the door, nodding to the three to follow them.
They had entered the same room Jun had woken up in. It was large with three beds in it. A tree stump was near the back, with three smaller ones surrounding it. This was his home.


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