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Chapter 4 - The Map

Jun, the Riolu, has stumbled upon Treasure Town running from his fears. He decides to become an apprentice at Wigglytuffs Guild, hoping he will be protected. Join him as he prepares to destroy the dangers of the world, one way or another.

Chapter 4 - The Map

Chapter 4 - The Map
The beds felt harder now then when Jun was unconcious. He tried to curl up to sleep, but he never felt the urge to close his eyes. He reached for his book with cold hands. It had been a while since he'd read this. He opened the book to the first page, surprised by what he saw. Nothing! There was not a word in there. He flipped to the second page. Nothing! He scanned every page from that. Eventually, he came upon an old looking drawing of some creature with a ring thing around it. What was this? It looked... astounding. A ruffle behind him broke Juns trance. Yena had woken and started looking at Jun. "Cant sleep?" She whispered. "I cant either... Piko told me about whats in that book. You really an orphan?"
Jun nodded back yes.
"Im sorry... having noone... no brother, sister, parents...." Jun felt very forlorn now, wich Yena seemed to notice. "I-I mean... um, yeah... what you got?" She stepped over silently and peered in the book. Yena seemed astounded, and she whispered in Juns ear, "A-Arceus! That's Arceus! The Aplha Pokemon! Wh-what is he doing in your book?" To Juns surprise, he was catching on to this. Arceus was obviously powerful, legendary. He flipped the page to see a map. Quickly, he grabbed his Explorer map, scanned the page, and ripped it out. he tried the map segment to every side there was. It fit perfectly to the direct right. "Th-Thats Spacial tunnel!" Her eyes sparkled in joy. This was Arceus' home, Spacial tunnel, Jun thought. Get ready Arceus, cause Im coming! "We cant tell anyone about this." Yena suggested. "This'll be our secret."


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